Fort McCoy News June 10, 2016

Fort McCoy earns Army-level OPSEC recognition

The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security's (DPTMS) Security Branch and staff recently were recognized for several accomplishments in the 2015 Army Operations Security (OPSEC) Achievement Awards competition.

Fort McCoy earned second place in the Organizational Achievement Award category and second- and third-place finishes in the Multimedia Achievement Award category. Fort McCoy's OPSEC command security officer also earned a third-place finish in the Individual Achievement Award category.

"Fort McCoy has reason to be proud," said David Cochran, chief of the DPTMS Security Branch. "This was only possible through the collaborative efforts of the DPTMS Security Branch, Visual Information Branch, and support from the Fort McCoy workforce."

The Army OPSEC Achievement Awards recognize Army personnel and organizations for significant OPSEC accomplishments and the creative and innovative application of techniques or methods to solve problems related to OPSEC and the promotion of OPSEC programs, Cochran said.

Significant improvements to the Fort McCoy OPSEC program in fiscal year 2015 earned the post the organizational achievement recognition, Cochran said.

"Command emphasis was placed toward growing and empowering the OPSEC Officer Network," he said. "To that end, Fort McCoy has gone from one Level II-certified OPSEC officer to 79, 49 of whom were newly trained and certified in fiscal year 2015."

Specifically, Fort McCoy now has a robust OPSEC network that includes representatives from active-duty Army and Air Force forces; National Guard members in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois; and in other federal, state, county, and local organizations "This team helps to mitigate OPSEC compromises through a coordinated awareness campaign," Cochran said.

In multimedia achievement, Cochran said the DPTMS Security Branch worked closely with the Visual Information Branch for the second-place "Spillage" and third-place "OPSEC Warrior Game Show" videos that were approved for release on Fort McCoy's TV6 channel.

The "Spillage" video highlights improper handling of "For Official Use Only" documents, with "spillage" occurring with each improper handling, resulting in tragedy at the end of the video. "OPSEC Warrior Game Show," depicts an OPSEC warrior competition between a Soldier and a young boy. In the end, OPSEC is proven to be so easy even a child can do it.

Cochran said the DPTMS Security and Visual Information branches collectively wrote the scripts, developed and directed all the scenes, cast the actors, and produced two videos that were approved for release.

"This effort energized the installation's OPSEC awareness campaign," Cochran said. "The team researched and used brain-based learning techniques … to ensure OPSEC stays in the mind of the viewer."

Cochran said the installation's OPSEC command security officer has done well to continuously build OPSEC awareness as well as improve security on post and elsewhere, serves as the chairman of Fort McCoy's Threat Working Group and OPSEC Working

Group, and led the success and achievements of all the other award placements.

"Much of his time is dedicated to the promotion and execution of a very successful OPSEC program," Cochran said. "He has managed to make OPSEC a vital part of Fort McCoy's day-to-day mission. Evidence of this is the OPSEC Tracking Matrix he created, which provides documentation of every OPSEC review conducted in a single concise format for government contracts, public web pages, environmental studies, and more."

Though the Fort McCoy DPTMS Security Branch and staff were all recognized through these awards, Cochran said it was a postwide effort.

"Everyone on Fort McCoy should be proud," he said.

For more information about the Fort McCoy OPSEC program, call 608-388-5107.

   (Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office and the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security's Security Branch.)