Fort McCoy News May 27, 2016

Troop projects provide value-added training

Public Affairs Staff

More than a dozen troop projects are planned for 2016, and more are likely to be added as the year progresses, said Troop Projects Coordinator Larry Morrow with the Directorate of Public Works.

One of the largest projects is a carry-over from 2015 — construction of a 26-acre marshaling yard near Young Air Assault Strip (YAAS) on South Post.

Soldiers with the 372nd Engineer Company of Pewaukee, Wis., review construction plans while working on the new shower facility at Fort McCoy’s Forward Operating Base Liberty June 10 as part of a troop project. The combat engineers of the 372nd, an Army Reserve unit, finished work on the facility, which began in 2013.
Soldiers with the 372nd Engineer Company of Pewaukee, Wis., review
construction plans while working on the new shower facility at Fort
McCoy's Forward Operating Base Liberty June 10, 2015, as part of a
troop project.
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"The work there includes leveling the ground and the placement of three-quarters of an inch of crushed rock throughout the site," Morrow said. Other work at YAAS includes building helicopter tie-downs. Electrical work and some wrap-up projects will be completed at the Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) 2 training area on South Post — an area used for military-police training during the Guardian Justice exercise, Morrow said.

Troop projects are a regular part of planned improvements at the installation each year, Morrow said, and the projects provide valuable training for engineer units to train their Soldiers.

"This work helps improve Fort McCoy training ranges and quality-of-life programs and helps the troops training at the installation fine-tune their (military occupational specialty) skills," Morrow said. "This year, the projects begin in June, and there are a lot of them. And although we have a lot of projects, I think we will be able to get nearly all of them complete (this year)."

Planned projects include:

• completing a tank-trail upgrade at Training Area B-9. Morrow said "tons" of crushed rock is available to complete the project after an Army rock-crushing unit prepared the material during work in 2015.

• installing street lighting along a road near Whitetail Ridge Ski Area and at the entrance to Pine View Campground.

• installing parking-lot lighting in areas around the Fort McCoy Container-loading Facility, building 2100.

• constructing a lean-to storage building for equipment managed by Range Maintenance personnel with the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security.

• completing a storage building at Range 2 on North Post.

• beginning construction of a new shower facility at Forward-Operating Base Freedom on South Post.

• constructing a portable storage building at Whitetail Ridge Ski Area.

• demolishing two small buildings near the container facility and an old building near Gate 19.

• placing asphalt over 1 mile of road at an installation training area.

For more information about Troop Project construction, call 608-388-3551.