Fort McCoy News May 27, 2016

Fort McCoy police join campaign: 'Click It or Ticket'

Fort McCoy police will join law-enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin for the annual "Click It or Ticket" safety-belt enforcement campaign May 23 to June 5.

"We are serious about safety-belt enforcement because far too many unbuckled drivers and passengers are killed or injured in traffic crashes (each year)," said Fort McCoy Police Traffic Sgt. David Hansen.

"During the 'Click It or Ticket' mobilization and throughout the year, our goal is not to write more tickets," Hansen said.
"Through enforcement and education, we're determined to get people to buckle up every time they drive or ride in a vehicle."

Although the state's safety-belt usage rate of 86 percent is the highest ever, approximately half of the drivers and passengers killed in Wisconsin traffic crashes in 2015 were not wearing safety belts. In addition, there were nearly 55,000 convictions for failure to fasten a seat belt in 2015.

"No matter if it's day or night, or a short trip or a long journey, everyone in a vehicle must buckle up," Hansen said.
"Passengers need to wear a safety belt in the rear seats as well as the front seats.

"Buckling up is the best possible protection against being ejected from a vehicle during a crash or thrown around violently inside it and possibly hitting another person in the vehicle with massive force," he said.

"That's why 'Click It or Ticket' is more than a slogan to our officers," Hansen said. "It really is a life-saving effort."

For more information, call Hansen at 608-388-2044.

   (Article prepared by Fort McCoy Police Department.)