Fort McCoy News March 11, 2016

Fort McCoy receives DA-level award for AT efforts

Fort McCoy's Antiterrorism (AT) Program earned a Department of Army-level award as the Best AT Program in its category for fiscal year (FY) 2015 during recent competition.

The installation AT program is a community program, managed by the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security AT Office, said AT Specialist Joshua May.

"The AT program is intertwined with the larger protection program here, and this (recognizes) an installationwide effort," May said.

Photo: Fiscal year 2015 award winners are pictured after receiving awards at the 2016 Worldwide Army Antiterrorism Conference. Joshua May, pictured second from right, represented the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office.
Fiscal year 2015 award winners are pictured after receiving awards at the 2016 Worldwide Army Antiterrorism Conference. Joshua May, second from right, represented the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office. U.S. Army photo

AT Program Manager Tom DesJardins and May also were recognized together with 21 others on the Army AT Honor Roll for FY 2015, according to the Army Headquarters awards announcement. The Army AT Awards Program recognizes significant achievements and those behind the scenes who protect Army personnel, Family members, facilities, and installations.

"These individuals have worked diligently to heighten awareness of Soldiers, Family members, and civilian personnel to the nature and dangers of terrorism, while also deterring and preventing terrorism through aggressive defensive measures," the message states.

The Best AT Program award acknowledged Fort McCoy had several achievements, including improving its practices, procedures, and technology in FY 2015 to better support and equip personnel to prevent terrorist attacks and respond to natural or man-made disasters, Desjardins said.

Other achievements included:

• Fort McCoy's force-protection posture improved as codified during an Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Higher Headquarters Assessment (HHA). During the HHA, the team identified eight "positive observations" in support of Fort McCoy's AT and emergency-management programs.

• Fort McCoy received full-scale exercise constructive credit for a real-world incident. The incident was the imminent failure of an earthen dam that endangered public safety and could have led to major property and ecological damage. The incident was resolved through the execution of the Installation Emergency Management Plan.

• Fort McCoy's deliberate Strategic Planning Process (Command Five-Year Business Strategy) includes comprehensive integration of all protection functions, including AT, which results in a command vision with specific goals and objectives, according to DesJardins. This was one of the positive observations by the IMCOM team and is a potential best practice.

• The McCoy AT Program provided mandatory AT Level-I training to 2,411 Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, contractors, and Family members from April to August 2015, and actively promoted AT Level II training for all Protection Working Group (PWG) members, with all PWG members now AT Level-II certified.

Fort McCoy's AT Program also earned the Best AT Program award at Army level for FY 2012.

"Receiving this award twice in the last several years confirms that Fort McCoy has established one of the best AT Programs in the Department of The Army," DesJardins said.

"It also demonstrates that the (installation) Protection Program has received outstanding support and guidance from the garrison command group and senior executive leaders. It truly shows that protection has been a priority."

For more information about the AT Program at Fort McCoy, call the AT Office at 608-388-4719.

   (Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office and the Installation Antiterrorism Office.)