Fort McCoy News Feb. 12, 2016

Opportunities growing for institutional training

Public Affairs Staff

More areas at Fort McCoy will be dedicated to institutional training use by Fort McCoy tenant organizations, such as Regional Training Site (RTS)-Maintenance or RTS-Medical, said Range Officer Mike Todd with the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS).

According to the Fort McCoy Executive Summary, published annually, the installation provides full-scale support to its customers at each juncture of its training triad — transient, institutional, and exercise. Institutional training fulfills the educational requirements and furthers the career status of its students. Fort McCoy currently offers institutional training opportunities in the leadership, medical, and maintenance fields.

Photo 1
Regional Training Site-Maintenance 91B30 Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic Advanced Leadership Course students set up a winch-retrieval system
during vehicle-recovery training on Fort McCoy's South Post in 2015. Once completed, the D-8 Institutional Training Area on North Post will be able to support this same type of training.
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"Institutional Training Areas (ITAs) are areas where school training can take place and these (training) organizations are not competing for space," Todd said.

"ITAs also provide a space to support individual-level training for units conducting annual or battle-drill training.

"Also, each time we make improvements to these areas, it allows for improved training capabilities for our tenant training organizations," Todd said.

Training Area D-8 recently was updated and will become an ITA, Todd said. In fall 2015, a new mire pit was constructed there as part of the development of a Vehicle Recovery Site.

More work will be done at D-8 as part of a future troop project and through assistance from Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance (LRAM) personnel.

Integrated Training Area Management Coordinator Brent Friedl of DPTMS assists with management of LRAM projects.
Friedl said the troop-project work for D-8 is in the initial stages of development. Draft designs of the layout and the planned stations have been drawn up.

Todd said the process to make Training Area D-8 a full ITA likely will take two years.

"There is currently a rough-terrain driving course and an engineer training area at the D-8 site," Todd said. "Once done, D-8 will serve as the primary training site for vehicle-recovery training and other training as well."

Photo 2
A newly constructed mire pit is shown at the D-8 Institutional Training Area on Fort McCoy's North Post. Photo by Scott T. Sturkol

Training Areas D-10E and D-10W also will expand in the future. "We also are working at creating another emergency services training facility for DES (Directorate of Emergency Services) at D-10W eventually," Todd said. "That is something that will be closer to where they work. (DES personnel) generally do their training on South Post, but sometimes they get pulled away for real-world activity. That facility is a future project, and the Directorate of Public Works is working the environmental assessment for that area right now."

At Training Area D-10E, Todd said plans include the development and construction of a hand-held detector lane for improvised-explosive-device-detection training and more.

"While some of our projects are expected to be done in the next couple of years, the hand-held detector lane we hope to get in by the end of the fiscal year," Todd said.

Range improvements align with the Fort McCoy strategic objectives to continually modernize the infrastructure and to enhance military value through improved training area utilization and land-use initiatives.

For more information about training-area-improvement projects, call DPTMS Range Operations at 608-388-3721. For more information about the Fort McCoy Executive Summary, go to