Fort McCoy News Jan. 22, 2016

FY 2016 training outlook builds on 2015 success

Public Affairs Staff

Fiscal year (FY) 2016 might be another record training year at the installation as many training events are planned as the year moves forward, said Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) Training Division Chief Ed Carns.

Photo 1
A Soldier shoots a target at Fort McCoy's Range 101 during training early
in fiscal year 2016.

Photo 2
Soldiers manage operations for a training range event from a range tower
on Fort McCoy's North Post in November.

Photo 3
Soldiers from the 13th Battalion, 100th Regiment train on railcar loading
at the Fort McCoy rail yard in late October.

Photo 4
Law-enforcement personnel train at the Combined Arms Collective Training
Facility in December.

"We (also) are going to have all the same exercises we had this past year, plus one additional exercise," Carns said. "With continuous transient and institutional training that takes place, I anticipate slightly higher training numbers than (FY) 2015."

Major training exercises planned for FY 2016 include the Guardian Warrior Exercise May through July, Red Dragon and Warrior Exercises in July, and Global Medic, Diamond Saber and Combat Support Training Exercises in August. Soldiers from both active- and reserve-component forces as well as personnel from other services, including the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps will participate.

The additional exercise being supported is a Wisconsin National Guard domestic-operations exercise in June. "It's a new exercise that we are glad to be able to support," Carns said.

Service members who train on Fort McCoy's 60,000-plus acres have a full complement of training ranges and facilities open to them. In the past year, many improvements made to live-fire range areas will benefit troops training on post in 2016.

"One of the biggest things was the construction of an additional three live-fire, trench-bunker complexes," Carns said. "This provides increased live-fire capacity (and capability) and is important to our ability to maintain effective training venues.

Numerous smaller upgrades were made to live-fire ranges and special targets were added to make a more robust aerial-gunnery capability.

Troop support improvements include the availability of a new dining facility for students at the Staff Sgt. Todd R. Cornell Noncommissioned Officer Academy.

Also, contract work coordinated by the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) to upgrade troop facilities, such as barracks, continues to improve capability.

"As more facilities are completed, it further increases the installation's capability to provide up-to-date facilities for our training customers," said DPW Troop Facilities Support Branch (TFSB) Chief Kert Hanson.

Hanson said the TFSB team, like others throughout the Fort McCoy workforce, are ready to support customer needs in 2016.

"We always have facilities ready for those who come here to train," Hanson said. "During the fall and winter months, we have been ensuring each facility is fully inspected and ready to go. Plus, we've been improving these spaces at every turn. For example, we've replaced thousands of mattresses in troop barracks already, and we'll be replacing another 3,000 as the year goes on."

Whether troops are at the installation for an exercise, extended-combat training, weekend battle-drill training, or to participate in schoolhouse or other training, Carns said 2016 will be a busy year.

"A record 155,237 service members trained at Fort McCoy during FY 2015. By the end of FY 2016, we may be looking at another record year of training support," Carns said. "That's why we are here … to provide the best support and venues possible for our training customers."

For more information, call the DPTMS Training Division at 608-388-5038.