Fort McCoy News Nov. 27, 2015

New sidewalks improve access, safety on post

Public Affairs Staff

Contractors replaced several miles of sidewalk on Fort McCoy's cantonment area, improving safety and access to facilities, said Operations and Maintenance Division Chief Nate Sobojinski with the Directorate of Public Works.

The work is part of a $795,000 project that includes placing nearly 2½ miles of wider sidewalk along 10th Avenue from F Street to S Street and nearly 2 miles along West 12th Avenue from West Headquarters Road to the area in front of building 2004. The sidewalks along 10th Avenue pass dining facilities as well as the Exchange and Commissary.

Photo 1
Contractors smooth freshly poured concrete as part of sidewalk construction at Fort McCoy.

"We're replacing the old 4-foot-wide sidewalks with a new 6-foot-wide sidewalk," Sobojinski said. "When troops walk along the old sidewalks, they weren't able to walk side by side like they normally (are required to do). With sidewalks 6 feet wide, they'll be able to do so."

At Rumpel Fitness Center, a new 5-foot-wide sidewalk also was constructed in front of the building. "It's an improvement that makes access to the fitness center better for the many people who frequent the facility," Sobojinski said.

Gerke Construction Inc. of La Crosse, Wis., constructed the base gravel areas for each length of sidewalk. Nuvo Construction of Milwaukee and Fowler & Hammer Inc. of La Crosse completed the sidewalk paving.

"When the weather was good, the contractors averaged about 1,000 feet a day of sidewalk construction," Sobojinski said.

In addition to new sections of sidewalk, many walkways in troop facility blocks are in the process of having sections of sidewalk replaced because of wear and tear.

"We had many areas where some sidewalk sections presented safety concerns, so we (are having) those replaced," Sobojinski said. "Additionally, most all of the old concrete sidewalks that were removed will be recycled for an alternate use."

Photo 2
Contractors prepare a form for a new sidewalk in front of Rumpel Fitness Center.

In completing the sidewalk project planning, Sobojinski said he worked with DPW's Master Planning Division to ensure areas most in need of sidewalk replacement were the first to be completed. The division manages Fort McCoy's Master Plan, which is designed to look toward the future with build-out requirements and infrastructure improvements.

"(The Master Plan) is necessary to make sure we are poised for the future," said Master Planner Brian Harrie with DPW.

"Brian and I went around Fort McCoy to research where this project had to begin, and the areas we chose made a lot of sense because of all the facilities and areas that are affected," Sobojinski said.

"This project is just the beginning," Sobojinski said. "We also plan on replacing a long section of sidewalk that goes from the west side of the cantonment area along Headquarters Road and past Constitution Park, which is another stretch where many troops walk when they are here for training."

Sobojinski said getting contract work awarded for projects like the sidewalk project is not possible without the support DPW receives from the Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC)-McCoy office.

"We are especially thankful for the help (of the) team at the MICC Construction/Commodities Division," Sobojinski said. "Their support of DPW in delivering project contract awards throughout the year is tremendous, and it is truly a team effort."

For more information about Fort McCoy construction projects, call 608-388-8940.