Fort McCoy News Nov. 27, 2015

Battalion reactivates at McCoy as part of 'Bold Shift'

Public Affairs Staff

The 1st Battalion, 351st Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) stood up operations at Fort McCoy Nov. 12 with Lt. Col. Scott Victor taking the reigns as unit commander during an assumption-of-command-and-responsibility ceremony in building 905.

The 1st, 351st BSB, also was reactivated during the ceremony. It is aligned under the 181st Infantry Brigade and has 33 observer-coach/trainers (OC/Ts) who support and partner with active- and reserve-component forces in the Army's Sustained Readiness Cycle.

Col. John Cook (right), 181st Infantry Brigade commander, passes the unit flag for the 1st Battalion, 351st Brigade Support Battalion to the new unit commander, Lt. Col. Scott Victor, during an assumption-of-command-and-responsibility ceremony Nov. 12 in building 905 at Fort McCoy. The battalion also was reactivated during the ceremony. Photo by Vanessa Barnes

The unit's arrival at Fort McCoy is part of Bold Shift, a First Army initiative that reorganizes and consolidates mission requirements within the First Army as it focuses on pre-mobilization training for reserve-component forces.

When the Bold Shift transition is complete in 2016, approximately 150 additional active-duty Soldiers will have relocated to Fort McCoy.

181st Infantry Brigade Commander Col. John Cook passed the flag of leadership to Victor during the ceremony. He said the ceremony marked a "great day" for the 181st at Fort McCoy.

Cook took command of the 181st in June, and in that short time, he said the 181st received orders from the Department of the Army designating the brigade as a multifunctional training brigade. "This is the first of three new brigade-support battalions we'll be activating as part of Bold Shift," he said.

Victor said he welcomes the opportunity to serve.

"This ceremony is not just for myself or Command Sgt. Maj. (Chad) Peters, but also to recognize the Soldiers of the battalion," Victor said. "To the Soldiers of the battalion, it is an honor to be your commander. … You can expect every amount of energy and effort I have to serve you."

Peters, the unit's new command sergeant major, said the Soldiers of the 1st, 351st will make an impact in their mission to train other Soldiers.

"During the past decade, the (OC/Ts) assigned to the 1st Battalion, 351st have led under a variety of operating conditions — from Iraq to Afghanistan and a multitude of places in between," Peters said. "They've learned and often mastered the principles of logistics, medical operations, and support operations under fire and share that in their classrooms. They've learned to adapt and innovate their thinking as a result of soldiering in austere and challenging environments.

"Leveraging these experiences — that is our challenge," Peters said. "Creating opportunities through partnership and exercise support for these highly qualified and certified professionals as they coach and teach will enable our Army National Guard and reserve-component Soldiers (to train in) genuine conditions for years to come."

For more information about the 181st Infantry Brigade and the 1st, 351st BSB, call 608-388-3344.