Fort McCoy News Oct. 9, 2015

Initial phase of water project nears completion

Public Affairs Staff

Construction on the first phase of the $4 million Fort McCoy North Post Drinking Water Project is nearing completion.

"The new water system, with all the components running, should be ready by December," said Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Operations and Maintenance Division Chief Nate Sobojinski. The contract for the two-phase project was awarded in September 2014 to Alliance Steel Construction of Superior, Wis., and construction began in late 2014.

A contractor works at the new chemical-treatment
building, which is part of the North Post Drinking Water
Photo by Nate Sobojinski

The first project phase includes constructing two new wells (29 and 30), upgrading others (24, 25, 27 and 28), and constructing a new chemical-treatment building. The building will operate in place of the low-water reservoir and existing water-treatment equipment in the old water system, Sobojinski said.

By December, the new water system will operate from all six water wells.

"The new system is a major improvement over the old one because there will be higher production, and we have bigger pumps in each of the wells now to provide a greater capacity," Sobojinski said. He estimated the well-pumping capacity will increase as much as 300 gallons a minute.

"Overall, the water quality will be better because we are treating it closer to the source," Sobojinski said. "We've (also) installed new pressure-release valves all across the installation. That aids in keeping constant pressure throughout the system and will be monitored by the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System."

DPW Water and Wastewater Branch Chief Mike Miller said the work has been done with little or no interruption to water service to the post's customers. Water will be monitored continually as the new system comes online.

"We will continue to monitor the drinking water to ensure it is safe to drink and meets all state and federal guidelines," Miller said.

Phase II of the project will include the removal and abandonment of wells 11 and 12 and the low-water reservoir in the 600 block of the installation. Phase II's projected completion is late spring 2016.

To report any problems with the installation's drinking-water system, call the DPW Helpline at 608-388-4357.

For more information about the project, call 608-388-8940.