Fort McCoy News July 24, 2015

Photos: Airdrop at Badger Drop Zone

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Dropping the goods

An airdrop package is released from a C-130 with the 934th Airlift Wing of Minneapolis-Saint Paul Air Reserve Station, Minn. The 934th regularly uses the drop zone for airdrop operations, which, in turn, prepare aircrews for overseas airdrop operations. The 934th's mission is to fly C-130H aircraft, delivering both cargo and personnel. Aeromedical evacuation of patients is another facet of the wing's mission.

Photos by Scott T. Sturkol

Special delivery

An observer with the 934th picks up a package that was airdropped from a 934th C-130 Hercules on to Badger Drop Zone on Fort McCoy's South Post in early July.

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