Fort McCoy News July 10, 2015

MEERS set up for on-post exchange of excess items

Public Affairs Staff

An online bulletin board is available to exchange excess equipment, furniture, and related items not listed on the Fort McCoy Property Book.

The McCoy Excess Equipment Redistribution Site (MEERS) bulletin board is available to all federal government SharePoint users at Fort McCoy.

Robert Baker, logistics management specialist with the Logistics Readiness Center, checks the McCoy Excess Equipment Redistribution Site for updates.

"MEERS is something we drew up when the installation network moved to SharePoint in 2014," said Robert Baker, logistics management specialist with the Logistics Readiness Center. "The site gives people an option to post information about excess equipment they have and don't need anymore, but is still functional. On the site, others can see it, find out if they can use it, and arrange for delivery and pickup of those items."

A link to a MEERS user guide is on the site. "The guide gives tips on how to use the site and make a posting," he said.

Items can be listed on the site. However, once an item has been transferred to another organization, Baker said it's important to close out the post so people know the item no longer is available.

Basic guidelines for using MEERS include:

• List only serviceable items.

• Add as much information as possible.

• Never give away any equipment without first checking with a director or supervisor. Also, items listed on a hand receipt from the Property Book Office (PBO) cannot be on MEERS. Contact the PBO for assistance.

Jeffrey Winkler with the Fort McCoy Plans, Analysis and Integration Office said using the site is easy.

"The system is very easy to access on the LRC SharePoint site," Winkler said. "With just a few simple clicks of the mouse, your item will be loaded to the site for others to view. You can even upload pictures of the items.

"With tightening budgets, I thought it was important to have some sort of method to better reuse excess items versus sending them to the (Defense Logistics Agency) or throwing it in the trash," Winkler said. "Prior to having the MEERS, we did not have a viable way to let others know what we had available as excess. Most of the excess stuff we have around the offices is usable and may be just what some other office needs."

To access the site, go to The quickest way to find MEERS is to go to the Fort McCoy Web page (, click on the "Tenants" tab, click on the link for the Logistics Readiness Center (, then click on the MEERS link on the left side of the page, Baker said.

Baker said he would like to see site usage increase.

"We want people at Fort McCoy to know this is another resource available to them," Baker said. "By reusing or repurposing excess items between organizations, it can help save the government money and resources in the long run."

Winkler added, "Once people find out about MEERS, I think many excess items will find a new home."

For more information about or assistance with MEERS, call 608-388-3305.