Fort McCoy News June 26, 2015

Army engineers complete FOB Liberty shower facility

Public Affairs Staff

Soldiers from the 372nd Engineer Company of Pewaukee, Wis., completed a shower-facility troop project at Fort McCoy's Forward Operating Base Liberty in mid-June.

Numerous units have worked on the project since its 2013 start. Spc. Matt Medrow, an electrician with the 372nd, said there was a lot to be done.

Soldiers with the 372nd Engineer Company of Pewaukee, Wis., carry a bench they built into the shower facility.

"We had to install all of the FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) panels, sinks, and outlets; hang all the lights; and quite a bit more," Medrow said.

The Soldiers also built benches for the shower areas, installed mirrors above the sinks, and ensured the plumbing was connected and working correctly.

"Everybody has done well pitching in to get this done," said Sgt. Brittan Jacob, a plumber from the 372nd who oversaw safety on the project.

"We actually were a little surprised we were able to get as much work done as we did. Everything was flowing well at the work site."

The facility has 42 shower stalls available for use in two areas — 24 stalls for men's section and 18 stalls for women's section.

Troop Projects Coordinator Larry Morrow from the Directorate of Public Works said the work will have lasting effects.

"The shower facility will be usable year-round to help support personnel training at the complex," Morrow said.

"Completing this project has been a long time in the making, and we're glad it's now ready to support our training population."

The company commander of the 372nd, Capt. Robert Kraemer, said his Soldiers appreciated the opportunity to complete a project and get a chance to build on their military occupational specialty skills.

"We have a great working relationship with Larry, and a project like this is a great trade-off for both of us," Kraemer said.

"Our unit gets work that helps us meet collective training objectives, and (Fort McCoy) gets good work from us that completes a project."

For more information about troop projects, call 608-388-3551.