Fort McCoy News June 26, 2015

Project begins for group campsite at Pine View

Public Affairs Staff

An expansion effort to build a group campsite has begun at Fort McCoy's Pine View Campground.

Construction engineers with Wisconsin National Guard, Bravo Company, 173rd Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB), based in Onalaska, Wis., started work on the site in mid-June by constructing a new road as part of a troop project.

Photo 1
Sgt. Nick Bergman with the 173rd Brigade Engineer Battalion of Onalaska, Wis., operates a grader to spread gravel on a road June 16 at Fort McCoy's Pine View Campground.

"Our work required the removal of 3 inches of topsoil to level-off the area," said Sgt. 1st Class Lucas Lohr, Bravo Company platoon sergeant. "We then put down a geothermal lining and 8 inches of gravel to top the road."

Located on the northeast side of the campground, the new site will offer an area where up to five recreational trailers/campers can be located together. Troop Projects Coordinator Larry Morrow of the Directorate of Public Works said further development of the site will take some time.

"We have to work with the power company to set up the electric hook-ups there, but eventually we will have water and power there to make it a fully operational site," Morrow said.

Pine View Campground opened as Trout Falls-Squaw Lake Recreation Area June 24, 1972. This is the first time a group site for other than tent camping will be available to the public. Adam Hangartner, recreation assistant at Pine View, said the new site is welcomed.

"This will be a good addition to the campground," Hangartner said. "This site will give our customers another option where a whole group can converge, set up, and enjoy their camping experience."

Photo 2
A Soldier guides a dump-truck driver for gravel placement on the road to the new group campsite.

Sgt. Nick Bergman, 173rd BEB heavy-equipment operator, drove the grader that leveled nearly 30 dump-truck loads of gravel placed on the road. He said a good road is critical for site access.

"The grader moves the gravel around to where it needs to be and helps compact it, and everything we did should make it so the road is good for a long time," Bergman said. "I think our team did a great job making the road — it really was a team effort. Plus, it's awesome that we are able to give back to Fort McCoy with a project like this."

The project also helps the 173rd engineers, said Staff Sgt. Tylor Harlan, equipment section squad leader. "Besides creating a project that will affect the future capabilities of the campground, we also get to hone our skills as combat engineers," he said.

Pine View Campground is open to the public. Approximately 65,000 people make use of the area annually.

In addition to camping, it also offers fishing, canoeing, swimming, miniature golf, hiking, and more.

The campground currently has 176 campsites, of which 38 are nonelectric tent sites. It also offers all the conveniences of a modern campground with showers, flush toilets, laundry facilities, an LP fill station, and picnic and playground areas (one handicapped accessible) all available on site.

Access to Pine View is from State Highway 21. Turn at the sign for Pine View Campground and Whitetail Ridge Ski Area (Gate 19) and follow the signs.

For complete details, including hours, costs, and restrictions, visit, or call 608-388-3517/2619 or 1-800-531-4703.

For more information about troop projects, call 608-388-3551.