Fort McCoy News May 8, 2015

86th Training Division hosts 5th Warrior Exercise

Reserve, National Guard, and active-duty Soldiers and Airmen are at Fort McCoy May 2-22 for the 86th Training Division's fifth annual Warrior Exercise (WAREX).

The 86th hosts WAREX 2015 with support from the the 75th Training Division, First Army, various combat-trainer and observer-controller units, and other support units.

WAREX 2015 prepares more than 100 units and 7,000 service members for future missions by ensuring proficiency in both technical and tactical skills.

WAREX 2015 also focuses on Warrior Battle Drills and assists the trained units in achieving their commander's training objectives.
It also allows the Army and Air Force to work together in scenarios usually seen in a deployment situation.

Units will be seen throughout the Fort McCoy area, including Tomah, Sparta, and La Crosse, in support of WAREX.

For more information about WAREX, call 608-388-6242.