Fort McCoy News May 8, 2015

Projects underway at Sparta/Fort McCoy Airport

Numerous construction projects are underway to improve the overall capabilities of the Sparta/Fort McCoy Airport on South Post.

Three independent contracts were awarded through the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) to have work done simultaneously, said DPW Engineering Division and Construction Inspection Branch Chief Nate Sobojinski.

One contract includes repairing and repaving a runway.

"Once everything is done,
it will increase our capability
and capacity for larger aircraft."

Chief of Airfield Division,
Directorate of Plans,
Training, Mobilization and Security

"In addition to the runway, we also are paving a reserve taxiway," Sobojinski said. "Also, with the asphalt repairs, we are adding base material to level the horizontal profile of the runway and to allow the entire runway to be capable of supporting (larger aircraft)."

The runway upgrade, when complete, will include the capability to hold large aircraft, such as the Air Force C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster III. "This will allow the runway to support loads of a C-17 if a parallel taxiway is constructed in the future according to the Airfield Master Plan," Sobojinski said.

The second contract is in place to repair concrete apron turnarounds at the airport.

The project repairs concrete at each end of the runway and replaces all of the joint seals, Sobojinski said.

"This contractor is currently ahead of schedule, which will allow use of the main runway (which is currently under repair) once the paving contractor has moved out with asphalt on the secondary runway from the main runway," Sobojinski said.

A third contract calls for the replacement of hangar doors on building 6050.

"This work requires the complete removal of existing hangar doors, its track, and equipment," Sobojinski said. "The replacement includes new floor drains, track, and fabrication and on-site assembly of entirely new hanger doors."

The paving and hangar doors are on schedule to be completed by June 1, in time to accommodate scheduled training, Sobojinski said.

"Once everything is done, it will increase our capability and capacity for larger aircraft," said Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Airfield Division Chief James Hubbard.

"The upgrades also align with our future master plan to continuously improve airfield operations at Fort McCoy."

The projects also align with the Fort McCoy strategic objective to modernize Fort McCoy's infrastructure.

For more information about DPW construction projects, call 608-388-8940.

   (Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office and the Directorate of Public Works.)