Fort McCoy News April 24, 2015

New fill points to increase water availability to troops

Public Affairs Staff

Construction continues on a $1.1 million project for two new water fill points at Fort McCoy.

Construction continues on a new water fill point near Forward Operating Base Freedom on Fort McCoy's South Post.

The water fill points will replace an older single point currently located on North Post. The new points located on North Post and South Post will increase access for troops filling water-storage containers, said Engineer Steve Nichols of the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) who designed the project.

"Once complete, each fill station will be capable of filling a 500-gallon water buffalo in less than 10 minutes," Nichols said.

"At the North Post point, there will be eight stations for use, four on each side of the road just northeast of Well House 5021, and on South Post, there will be another eight stations on the south side of the road immediately west of Forward Operating Base Freedom."

Having two different fill-point areas also will lessen traffic congestion at the fill points, and troops who are operating on South Post will no longer have to cross Highway 21 to fill their water buffaloes during peak training times, Nichols said.

"The placement of the two fill point locations was chosen to provide a greater margin of safety for troops having to cross Highway 21," Nichols said.

"Less water-filling traffic crossings means more safety. Filled water containers take more time to cross, exposing troops to greater possible injury. Previously, all water traffic from South Post crossed Highway 21, now with the completion of this project no South Post water traffic needs to cross the highway."

Nuvo Construction Corp. of Milwaukee is the contractor for the project, said DPW Project Manager Dan Hanson. Work began on the project in October 2014 and resumed this spring.

Each fill point will have heated valve houses, graded and compacted gravel surfaces, trench drains, concrete curbs, and sufficient space set aside to accommodate any water-carrying vehicle or trailer used by troops training at Fort McCoy.

The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck with a tanker capability is typical of Army tactical vehicles that would use such a site.

When accessed by troops, the potable water will be used for cooking, drinking, showering, and other activities while those troops stay in forward-operating areas throughout the post during training periods, Nichols said.

Hanson said the project should be completed by this summer, which will be in good time for the busiest training period on post.

For more information about the project, call 608-388-8940.