Fort McCoy News April 10, 2015

New AT/MOB dining facility to increase capability

Public Affairs Staff

Construction continues on the new $7.7 million annual training/mobilization (AT/MOB) dining facility at Fort McCoy.

Construction continues on the new annual training/mobilization dining facility at Fort McCoy. The $7.7 million project is scheduled to be completed in June.

Work began on the facility in fall 2014 and has continued through the winter. Most exterior work is complete, and work continues on the interior. As of the end of March, the facility was "more than 70 percent complete," said Construction Representative Nathan Butts of the Fort McCoy office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

TCI Architects/Engineers/Contractors Inc. of La Crosse, Wis., is building the new facility, which is projected to be completed in June, Butts said.

"This new dining facility is designed to feed up to 648 personnel in three- to 30-minute feeding periods," Butts said.

A dining area, kitchen, mechanical room, electrical room, communications room, exterior storage space, restrooms, and a parking area will be installed in the facility's footprint.

"The newest heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system also will be installed at the facility," Butts said.

Fort McCoy Food Service Manager Andy Pisney of the Logistics Readiness Center Supply and Services Division said the AT/MOB dining facility is much needed and will increase food-service capabilities. Pisney's office oversees the food-service contract for Fort McCoy dining facilities.

"This facility will enable the installation to provide more consistent support to the large-scale, reserve-component exercises we get in the summer months," Pisney said. "It also can provide that extra support if a mobilization mission returns to the installation.

"Right now, in order to support large exercises, our food-service contractor has to open several dining facilities, to include some of the World War II-era transient troop dining facilities, to provide enough feeding support," Pisney said. "Once this facility is complete, we anticipate the contractor having to just operate one or two facilities, depending upon the size of the exercise."

The AT/MOB facility will be the fourth "brick-and-mortar" dining facility on post. Others are in buildings 50 and 2674 and at the Staff Sgt. Todd R. Cornell Noncommissioned Officer Academy complex.

For more information about installation construction projects with the Corps of Engineers, call 608-388-4594. For more information about Fort McCoy's dining facilities and food-service capabilities, call 608-388-4739.