Fort McCoy News March 13, 2015

North Post water-system upgrade continues

The drinking-water system on Fort McCoy's North Post is being upgraded.

Construction began several months ago on the North Post Drinking Water Project. The $4 million contract was awarded to Alliance Steel Construction of Superior, Wis., in September 2014.

North Post Water project photo
Contractors work on the North Post Drinking Water Project in the area near Regional Training Site-Medical on Fort McCoy's cantonment area. Photo by Scott T. Sturkol

Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Water and Waste Branch Chief Mike Miller said the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources identified a need for the project during a routine inspection of the installation's drinking-water system.

"There was a change in the state's administrative code, making the installation's drinking-water system out of compliance," Miller said.

"The system was evaluated for various methods to bring it back in to compliance, and the method selected is the one being installed now."

DPW's Construction Inspection Branch Chief Nate Sobojinski said the project is designed to be completed in two phases, with multiple parts in each phase, to allow the installation to have water while the new system is constructed.

"During the first phase, the contractor is constructing two completely new wells and upgrading two others," Sobojinski said.

"In addition to this, a new chemical-treatment building will be constructed to operate in place of the low-water reservoir and existing water-treatment equipment."

Sobojinski said that after the five buildings are completed and tied into the water system, the second phase of the project will begin.

"The second phase consists of removing and abandoning two wells in the system, along with the low-water reservoir in the 600 block," Sobojinski said. Over the course of the contract, the contractor also will be placing seven new pressure-regulating valves throughout the system to regulate the water-system pressures.

Miller said the upgrade was needed.

"Most of the installation's drinking-water system is the original treatment plant, reservoir, water mains, and wells put in many, many years ago," Miller said.

"Over the last few years, DPW has been replacing these features."

Miller said the installation's customers will see little if any interruption to water service. "DPW will continue to monitor the drinking water we produce to ensure that it is safe to drink and meets all state and federal guidelines," he said.

The project is expected to be completed by September.

"This upgrade will be a major improvement to Fort McCoy's water system that will enable better service for years to come," Sobojinski said.

To report any problems with the installation's drinking-water system, call the DPW Helpline at 608-388-4357. For more information about the project, call 608-388-8940.

   (Prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office and the Directorate of Public Works.)