Fort McCoy News February 27, 2015

Fort McCoy to switch to ADAS March 1

Fort McCoy's telephone operations will change March 1 with the Automated Directory Assistance System (ADAS) providing telephone support after regular business hours.

Live operator service will remain available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays. ADAS will fill this role at all other times.

"ADAS, a spoken-dialogue system, will provide callers with the telephone number of the requested unit, organization or individual, and automatically will transfer the call to the provided number," said Telecommunications Specialist Jon Prell of the Fort McCoy Network Enterprise Center (NEC).

"The move is a cost-saving effort by the Army, as the necessity for live information-operator services has declined because of alternative technologies, such as cellphones, email, and the Internet," Prell said.

ADAS has several key features. The main menu gives the caller the choice of using an automated menu to choose options by saying or pressing numbers to get to the desired department or unit, or, employing voice-recognition software to have the system directly search for a person, department, or unit by name.

If the system fails to recognize the name after two attempts, the caller then will be referred to the Fort McCoy public website ( phone directory for further assistance.

The ADAS menu will be set up with commonly requested support functions, such as the Directorate of Emergency Services, Directorate of Public Works Help Line, Army Enterprise Service Desk, and transportation services.

"The ADAS will continue to accommodate incoming morale calls from overseas Defense Switch Network (DSN) lines, and limits the calls to 15 minutes per instance," Prell said. Morale calls allow deployed service members to call Fort McCoy via DSN, and then be transferred to a commercial operator so they are charged only for long-distance charges from Fort McCoy instead of international calling rates. Units at Fort McCoy will be entered into the system on a temporary basis to align with their training periods.

"The only option to find training units after hours will be through the voice-recognition software," Prell said.

Fort McCoy's teleconference bridge no longer will be available after 7 p.m. on weekdays beginning March 1.

"Our bridge is older technology and requires an operator to manually transfer callers into the conference bridge," Prell said. "An alternative would be to use individual telephone lines on the post telephone switch that can be used to accommodate up to six callers during a conference call. However, that would require someone coming into post to utilize this feature."

Also, when ADAS is active, no menu choice in the system will transfer to a live operator. If ADAS answers a call, that means the operator is not available, and no option exists to leave a voicemail message for an information operator. Callers must call during regular business hours for live information-operator service.

One ADAS clerk will be on duty to provide live information-operator service between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; however, the ADAS will be activated periodically throughout the day. Maintaining the ADAS will take precedence over answering information-operator calls.

If the ADAS does not recognize a name or office, or doesn't transfer calls to the correct phone number, callers are encouraged to call Army Enterprise Service Desk at 866-335-2769 to submit a telephone work ticket. "This will generate a work order to make the corrections in the ADAS system," Prell said.

Links to the phone directory as well as an alphabetical/topical phone list for Fort McCoy can be found online at in the "Quick References" section.

The print version of the Fort McCoy Guide also contains the phone directory and alphabetical/topical phone list. Copies are available in building 35, Army Community Service in building 2111, the Public Affairs Office in building 100, the Exchange in building 1538, the Commissary in building 1537, the Transportation Motor Pool in building 1887, and in various other facilities throughout the installation.

For more information, call the NEC at 608-388-2902.

   (Prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office and the Network Enterprise Center.)