Fort McCoy News February 13, 2015

Policy governs use of Fort McCoy's Triad Logo

Deputy to the Garrison Commander

Fort McCoy's distinguished history of service to the nation dates to its founding in June 1909. Over the years, the garrison took two important steps to document and protect the symbol that is reflective of our proud heritage and this legacy of service.

The first action was gaining approval to establish an official Fort McCoy distinctive crest, the Triad. The Fort McCoy crest was approved by the Department of the Heraldry in 1984. Its three-sided design symbolizes the very essence of Fort McCoy's mission — support to active, reserve-component and civilian organizations. Thus, our motto: "Total Force Training Center."

Fort McCoy Triad Logo
The Fort McCoy Triad Logo.

Soldiers assigned to Headquarters, Headquarters Company U.S. Army Garrison Fort McCoy wear the crest as part of the Class A and Army Service Uniform.

The second action was to obtain federal trademark registration to protect the post's unique Triad Logo.
A trademark is a distinctive phrase, logo, domain name, graphic symbol, slogan or other device that identifies an organization (its products or services) from all others.

Most organizations use a trademark logo as their official means of corporate identity. Some examples of company trademarks that have become widely recognizable are Nike (sports apparel), Gatorade (beverages), Microsoft (software), Coca Cola (soft drinks), and FedEx (delivery services).

Fort McCoy received approval in 2008 to have its Triad Logo officially recognized as a federally registered trademark. The basis for the triangular shape of the Triad Logo is the triangular layout of streets and buildings within Fort McCoy's cantonment area.

Fort McCoy remains the only U.S. Army installation to have its cantonment area configured in this way, and the design has been an enduring and unique characteristic of the post since its construction in 1942.

The historical connection of the Triad Logo to Fort McCoy is long standing. It has been in continuous use in a variety of contexts from the time the installation was renamed from "Camp McCoy" to "Fort McCoy" in 1974. Visitors scarcely can enter Fort McCoy without noticing the Triad Logo displayed prominently on various structures and publications.

In essence, the Triad Logo is our brand. To many in the general public, this image is synonymous with Fort McCoy. As such, the Triad Logo should be a source of pride. But it also needs to be used in a manner that ensures the enduring integrity of this official symbol.

Federal registration of the Triad Logo signifies that the United States Patent and Trademark Office formally has concluded that only the Fort McCoy garrison holds the exclusive right to use the Triad Logo in connection with its products, services, and events. Since the garrison has been authorized to use the Triad Logo in this manner, the logo only should appear on an official Fort McCoy product or be used in conjunction with a service or event for which the owner (Fort McCoy Garrison Command Group) of this trademark has sanctioned its display and use.

As the owner of a federally registered trademark, the ® symbol always must be used in conjunction with the Triad Logo.
Only owners of federally registered trademarks are authorized under U.S. law to display the ® symbol with their trademarks.
The use of the ® symbol places the world on notice that, in our case, the Triad Logo is a federally registered trademark. Fort McCoy's ownership of the federal trademark registration of the Triad Logo enables the Command Group to control how the Triad Logo is used and who is authorized to use it.

Individuals or organizations who are external to the garrison must obtain written approval from the Fort McCoy Garrison Command Group to use the logo. Upon approval, the requestor will receive written confirmation along with a copy of the approved Triad Logo artwork.

All, including garrison personnel, who use the logo must adhere strictly to established guidelines. These include but are not limited to:

  • Any reproductions must be done in such a manner so as to proportionately retain the trademarked design shape, whether the Triad Logo is enlarged or reduced.

  • No alternations of this logo are authorized. As the logo is increased or decreased, its shape, design, etc. must be adjusted proportionately. The ® symbol must be displayed whenever the logo is used. This requirement pertains to the electronic as well as printed use of the Triad Logo.

  • The trademark symbol always must appear outside of the logo's border at the lower right side; this trademark symbol does not need to be sized as the overall size of the Triad Logo is enlarged or reduced.

  • Use of the logo will retain the standard border width with the two-tree interior design, with the smaller tree always being displayed to the left of the larger tree.

  • If a color reproduction is to be used, the logo's interior background always will be white, and the color of the border and two trees within the border will be as close to the color of forest green as practical. The official Pantone color is 3435C.

  • Unless the Triad Logo is printed in black and white, no other colors may be substituted for this green-and-white scheme.

  • Superimposing lettering or other designs either onto the logo itself or within the borders of the logo is prohibited.

Additional information can be obtained by referencing Fort McCoy Policy 12-07: Triad Logo.

Direct any questions to the Garrison Command Group at 608-388-3545.