Fort McCoy News January 23, 2015

Spring turkey hunt applications available; due Feb. 13

Applications are available for the 2015 spring turkey hunting seasons at Fort McCoy.

Applications may be mailed or hand delivered to the Permit Sales Office (building 2168). Applications must be received or postmarked by the Feb. 13 deadline date. Applications received or postmarked after Feb. 13 will be eligible for any remaining permits on a first-come, first-served basis. The application currently is available from the Permit Sales Office or on i-Sportsman ( under "hunting applications."

Photo for turkey hunting
A pair of turkeys walks along a roadway on Fort McCoy's South Post. Photo by Scott T. Sturkol

The Wisconsin spring turkey season consists of six periods, each running seven days in length (Wednesday to Tuesday). Fort McCoy does not specifically follow the state timeframe for the spring turkey hunt. Fort McCoy has six periods, but each run for five days in length (Monday to Friday, except period A, which is three days from Wednesday to Friday).

The six periods are: Season A, April 15-17; Season B, April 20-24; Season C, April 27-May 1; Season D, May 4-8; Season E, May 11-15; and Season F, May 18-22. Fort McCoy does not participate in the Wisconsin early youth turkey hunt April 11-12.

"The five-day periods are done to minimize conflict with increased military training on the weekends and to provide a two-day period open for scouting with no disruption to hunters," said Dave Beckmann, Fort McCoy wildlife biologist. "Also, season permit quotas are based on training area availability."

Hunters selected for a 2015 Wisconsin spring turkey zone hunting permit cannot apply for the 2015 Fort McCoy spring turkey hunting permit. Individuals selected for a Wisconsin spring turkey zone hunting permit normally are notified by early February.

Applicants selected for a Fort McCoy spring turkey permit will be compared with the DNR spring turkey zone permit recipient list and will be removed from the Fort McCoy selection if selected for a state permit.

Successful applicants will be mailed a notification of selection indicating the time period for which they are authorized to hunt, a Fort McCoy spring turkey regulation, and instruction on how to purchase the $13 permit.

All hunters who receive a Fort McCoy spring turkey hunting permit also must purchase/possess the appropriate Wisconsin hunting license to include the 2015 spring turkey hunting license, senior citizen recreation card or conservation patron license, and turkey stamp if required by the state. Unsuccessful applicants also will receive notification of the selection results.

For more information, call the Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337, or go online to the i-Sportsman website at Additional information about hunting and fishing on the installation also is available at

(Article prepared by the Directorate of Public Works Natural Resources Branch and the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office.)