Fort McCoy News January 09, 2015

Fort McCoy's TMP fulfills installation vehicle needs

Public Affairs Staff

Fort McCoy's Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) provides non-tactical vehicle (NTV) assets for the installation. What goes into providing those assets is critical to the post's transportation mission.

"Overall, the staff at the (TMP) does an excellent job supporting Fort McCoy's transportation mission," said Installation Transportation Officer David Eckland of the Logistics Readiness Center. "It's a diverse mission that has changed in recent years yet still is critical to our success at Fort McCoy."

Photo for TMP article
Motor Transportation Specialist Dennis Diercks of the Fort McCoy Motor Pool works to stabilize a cracked window on a bus at the motor pool.

With more than 300 General Services Administration- (GSA) and Army-owned vehicles under its umbrella of management, the TMP fills the transportation needs of Fort McCoy's garrison and tenant organizations. The TMP also coordinates maintenance, licensing and accountability of those vehicles.

Motor Transportation Specialist Dan Wroblewski said the busiest time of the year is April through September.

"Our biggest duty is to make sure units here for training have the vehicles they need," Wroblewski said. "During the busiest months, we'll work to contract buses for units to use. We also can augment our fleet with GSA short-term rentals to accommodate vehicle needs."

The TMP also trains drivers. The Driver Testing Office, led by Motor Transportation Specialist Dennis Diercks, trains and licenses bus drivers and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle operators. Bus driver training requires a 1 1/2-hour class and a written and driving exam.

"We also coordinate all defensive driver training, a requirement for drivers of all Army owned NTV and GSA vehicles," said Diercks, who's worked at Fort McCoy for more than 35 years. "We're busiest with driver training during the summer."

From May through August, TMP provides a daily airport service to the La Crosse Municipal Airport, Wroblewski said. From September through April, the service is available on an on-call basis.

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Jim Langlois, a motor transportation specialist, talks with a customer to set
up a maintenance appointment.

"The shuttle service is intended for individual travelers," Wrobelewski said.

"It's a service we provide that helps anyone traveling to Fort McCoy on official orders, and is an important service."

Eckland said the TMP has an effect on virtually every garrison and tenant organization at the installation. If a unit has transportation needs, he said they are most likely involved in the process.

"Take, for example, the NTVs that DPTMS (Directorate of Training, Mobilization and Security) uses for taking care of the ranges," Eckland said. "The TMP provides those trucks. Also, the vehicles, such as the panel vans the Directorate of Public Works uses to do their work, are provided by the Transportation Motor Pool."

As vehicles are used, they must also be maintained. Motor Transportation Specialist Jim Langlois manages the maintenance tracking for all vehicles in the TMP's fleet.

"We have to make sure the vehicles follow a regular maintenance schedule," Langlois said. "Effective vehicle maintenance saves wear and tear on the vehicles and taxpayer dollars. We want to be good stewards of our resources, and, to do that means we have to take care of our vehicles. The team here does a great job in working together to care for our vehicle fleet."

Vehicle maintenance for GSA vehicles is coordinated with local vehicle-service providers. For Army-owned vehicles, maintenance is arranged with the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (IMMA). "The IMMA is a team partner we work with closely on a regular basis," Langlois said.

The TMP team is a mix of government and contract employees, Wrobelewski said. They work together to meet the needs of their customers.

"We have some great people here," Wroblewski said. "This is a team dedicated to making sure we utilize the fleet to the max extent possible. We do our best to make sure everyone has the vehicles and vehicle services needed."

Diercks agreed. "We all get along great and we can support each other's job. Sometimes it may seem like we might be short-handed for people, but we always get the job done well. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with."

Langlois said the TMP team remains committed to serving their customers no matter what changes the Department of Defense or the Army may require regarding the GSA and Army-owned vehicle fleet.

"We believe in excellent customer service in everything we do," Langlois said. "Our customers are why we're here and we're proud to support them."

The TMP is a part of a large transportation mission the LRC supports at Fort McCoy and Regionally. This support also includes material movement, passenger movement, pfficial passport and visa, personal property and unit movements, Eckland said.

"Fort McCoy serves units across the country," Eckland said. "Whether it's the TMP or another part of the installation transportation mission, we are proud to do our best for all of our customers."

For more information about the TMP services, call 608-388-5279.