Fort McCoy News November 28, 2014

Outdoor lighting upgrades saving energy

An ongoing lighting project at several Fort McCoy facilities and parking areas will translate into energy savings, said Project Designer Gary Hess of the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Engineering Division.

Part of the project included replacing light fixtures in the parking lots of the Fort McCoy Commissary and Exchange with more-efficient models.

"This is an energy-driven project," Hess said. "The light fixtures in the parking lot at the Exchange and Commissary had 1,000-watt, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, and many of the poles had two lamps on them. We replaced those fixtures with LED technology lighting fixtures that consume 111 watts per fixture — an energy savings of 89.7 percent alone for those lights.

"Not only will these fixtures save us energy, but they will be more comfortable on the eyes of the average person as there will be a significant reduction in backlight, uplight and glare," Hess said. "In other words, the light will not be as obnoxious."

The project also included replacing the building-mounted lighting fixtures at the Exchange and Commissary with LED light fixtures that also provide energy savings and glare control. "These lights appear to be brighter because they are a whiter light than what was there previously," Hess said.

Exterior light replacement also took place at McCoy's Community Club, building 1571; Regional Training Site-Maintenance, building 1370, and at the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, building 2187.

"We will also be changing lights at the Main Gate entrance road and on the vehicle-inspection canopy at the Main Gate," Hess said.

The project aligns with the Fort McCoy strategic objective to acquire and effectively use and continuously conserve resources, according to DPW Energy Manager Mike Kelley. DPW estimates show the entire lighting improvement project could have a total annual energy savings of 305,535 kilowatt-hours.

"Including a rebate from Focus on Energy, our first year savings from this project should be approximately $32,000," Hess said.

Two years ago, similar work was completed. During that time, all of the "cobrahead" street lights were replaced with LED lighting fixtures, "effectively reducing the street lighting energy load by two-thirds."

"More recently, we replaced the pole lights along South 8th Ave., at buildings 35, 50, 51 and 60 as well as some various other locations where we added or replaced one or two fixtures with LED fixtures," Hess said.

"We also have been replacing interior HID lighting fixtures with high-bay fluorescent light fixtures, cutting in half our energy usage in buildings with high ceilings," Hess said. "Among these buildings are many maintenance buildings, range storage buildings and the Rumpel Fitness Center (building 1122)."

For more information about the lighting improvement project, call 608-388-4073.

(Prepared by the Directorate of Public Works and the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office.)