Fort McCoy News October 24, 2014

TFSB team dedicated to facility excellence

Public Affairs Staff

Throughout Fort McCoy's cantonment area, barracks and support facilities stand ready for use by personnel training at the installation.

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Training Facility Coordinator Jessica Reeves helps customers, Capts. Matthew Rhoda and Maria McDougal of the 208th Regional Support Group from Columbia, S.C., finish paperwork to sign out buildings for their unit's use.

Behind the scenes, the Directorate of Public Works Troop Facility Support Branch (TFSB) team ensures the facilities are ready for issue to customers.

"Our focus here is to provide the best customer service possible and to do all we can to ensure Fort McCoy's facilities are the best possible," said Facility Manager Kert Hanson of the TFSB. "Also, all troop training facilities have either been repaired in the last 10 years or are new construction so many appear newer even though they were built in the World War II era (1940s)."

The TFSB manages a varied array of structures, including barracks, visiting officer quarters, maintenance, supply and administrative buildings, and dining facilities. Currently, the busiest times for on-post building usage is March through October.

The TFSB has been very busy in 2014, especially during large exercises such as Warrior Exercise and the Combat Support Training Exercise. For example, in each exercise, hundreds of buildings are used for training and support.

"We are here seven days a week during the busiest times of training on post," Hanson said.

"Our busiest days are most often Thursdays and Sundays when troops sign for buildings and release them back to us."
Lisa Perry, supply management specialist for the TFSB, makes sure each issued building and facility has everything needed for troop use.

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Supply Management Specialist Lisa Perry walks through a dining facility to make sure all supplies are in place before the building was issued to a unit for use.

Barracks, for example, are fully furnished and stocked with all the cleaning equipment units need, Perry said. Dining facilities are equipped with all the tools and seating needed by units to feed their troops.

"They even have televisions available for troops to watch while they are eating there," Perry said.

The TFSB works with several different Fort McCoy agencies, such as the Logistics Readiness Center, to make sure the buildings and facilities are well maintained.

"We have a checklist in every facility of items that are there, and, if something needs to be fixed, we take care of it right away," Perry said. "We have a great relationship with many different agencies and we all work together to keep the facilities in the best possible shape."

Training Facility Coordinator Jessica Reeves said she is proud to be a part of a team that supports service members training at Fort McCoy.

"The way I see it is the Soldiers give so much to us, so the best thing we can do to give back to them is to provide the best service and make sure our buildings are the best they can be for them," Reeves said.

Hanson said TFSB often receives good feedback about the service, facilities and buildings.

"We regularly get compliments from our customers that these are some of the best buildings they've ever seen," Hanson said.

"Our barracks, dining facilities and buildings with classrooms all get used a lot, and we hear many nice compliments about them regularly."

Sgt. 1st Class Rebecca Davison from the Wisconsin National Guard's 132nd Brigade Support Battalion Company D, of Baraboo, Wis., said working with the TFSB is always a "great experience."

"They are always awesome," Davison said. "Anytime we need something, it's right on time."

Davison's unit signed out one of the post's dining facilities for use during a unit training weekend in July.

"We received a nice facility that had everything we needed," Davison said.

When units are done and return the buildings back to the TFSB, Facility Inspector John Hindes ensures the building they get back is in the same condition it was when it was issued to the unit.

"We issue a clean building, and we always get a clean building in return," Hindes said. "The troops who train here are very good about keeping our buildings in great shape when they use them."

The TFSB also is often the first stop for service members when they arrive at Fort McCoy for training.

Hanson said he and his staff enjoy being among the first people to welcome them as they arrive.

"There are some people we see all the time, and it's always good to see them," Hanson said. "We also enjoy talking to troops who are new to Fort McCoy. We learn about where they are from, and we're able to give them a familiarization of what the post has to offer."

Hindes agreed. "I really enjoy the one-on-one conversations with the troops. You learn so much from talking with them, and you develop those personal relationships each time they come back to see us."

One of Fort McCoy's command imperatives is to maintain a strong customer focus to exceed customer expectations. Hanson said his team will continue to meet that imperative and go "above and beyond."

"We really like what we do here, and we have a great team," Hanson said. "We will continue our tradition of great customer service."

On Oct. 6, the issuing and clearing responsibilities were contracted out to Integrated Logistics Services.

The TFSB office has oversight of the contract ensuring Soldiers training at Fort McCoy will not see any difference in the quality of facilities or support provided by the contractor.

For more information about the TFSB, call them at 608-388-3800.