Fort McCoy News October 24, 2014

New contracts awarded for post operations support

Public Affairs Staff

Seven contracts that have either been awarded, or are about to be awarded, are changing how Fort McCoy's operations support business is done.

Photo for contracts article
A solid waste sanitation truck, owned by Onopa Services of Sanford, Fla., picks up a dumpster Oct. 16 at the Fort McCoy Recycling Center, building 2218. Onopa is the new contractor for Fort McCoy solid waste and recycling services.

Contracts for facility maintenance, roads and grounds maintenance, and solid waste and recycling have been awarded to new contractors. Contracts for pest management, rail inspection, tree and shrub maintenance, and cathodic protection will be awarded by the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2015, said the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Operations and Maintenance Division Chief Mandy Radloff.

"The main thing that has changed is Fort McCoy previously had one contract that supported all of our base operations," Radloff said. "Then it was broken down into seven separate specialized contracts."

Radloff said most everyone won't notice a change in the services received. "Naturally, there is some shuffling as we change contractors in many of these areas, but all of our base operations support services will continue like normal," she said.

Customers will see the most changes under the new solid waste and recycling contract, which was awarded to Onopa Services of Sanford, Fla., the biggest change the Fort McCoy community may notice is the introduction of "commingled" recycling for the first time.

Commingled recycling, also known as single stream recycling, is where all aluminum and tin cans, clear and colored glass, cardboard, mixed paper, plastics and printer cartridges are all placed in a single collection container, according to DPW's Chief of the Water and Waste Branch Mike Miller.

Excluded from the commingled recycling bins are glass from broken window panes, eyeglasses, microwave food boxes and pizza boxes, and used paper plates, napkins, towels and tissues. These items should all be disposed of in regular solid waste containers.

"The new solid waste and recycling contract also provides for curbside recycling in the Family housing area," Miller said.

The facility maintenance contract was awarded to MTNT Properties, Inc., which is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. MTNT will manage maintenance to more than 1,000 buildings on Fort McCoy.

"This maintenance includes managing the building, structurally, as well as all that is inside those buildings such as electrical and plumbing," Radloff said.

Tigua Enterprises Inc., headquartered in El Paso, Texas, was awarded the roads and grounds contract. They will manage, mainly, lawn mowing and snow removal on the installation. "They could also do some small road repair, such as filling potholes or cracks on road surfaces," Radloff said. "Larger road repair projects would be done as a large construction project."

The way the new contracts are set up will allow for more flexibility in their management, Radloff said. She said there has also been some immediate benefits seen with the new people in place.

"Our new contractors also are putting a strong emphasis on good customer service," Radloff said. "That should continue as the other contracts are awarded in the next quarter."

Personnel also are reminded that no containers, including recycling containers, can be within 33 feet of any building on Fort McCoy. For more information about the Fort McCoy recycling program, review the recycling guide at your nearest post recycling location, or call Miller at 608-388-6546.

To request post operations support, call the DPW Helpdesk at 608-388-4357.