Fort McCoy News October 10, 2014

McCoy to upgrade mass warning, notification system

Fort McCoy will launch an upgraded mass warning and notification tool in October.

The upgrade to the existing AtHoc System is being accomplished as part of the Army's Emergency Management Modernization Program, also known as EM2P.

The EM2P program's purpose is to standardize the equipment and systems available throughout the Army to protect the Soldiers, Family members and civilians who live and work on installations

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The AtHoc System — the purple globe icon on computer monitors — has been in use by the Fort McCoy Garrison since January 2013, and has provided alerts to registered users through multiple means including computer desktop alerts, emails, telephone calls, and text messages. The system currently covers the approximately 1,200 personnel who use the Army Enterprise Email system.

Directly alerting the remaining personnel on post currently requires a time-consuming, manual entry of information. The new features of the upgraded system include the ability to directly notify the majority of personnel on Fort McCoy and indirectly notify the remainder through the addition of a smartphone application, or app, known as AtHoc Notifier. The AtHoc Notifier will enable personnel not on the Army Network, such as Family members, to receive alerts directly to a smartphone.

As in the past, this system minimizes the amount of time it takes to alert people in the event of an emergency, and makes it possible to warn registered users of external threats, emergency situations, weather alerts, changes to installation status, power outages and security risks while maximizing the number of ways the message can be communicated to them. It also lets the workforce choose how they prefer to receive such alerts.

Initial field testing of the system will occur Oct. 14-17. Loudspeaker tests are required and will be conducted, as required, Oct. 14-15.

The Fort McCoy Network Enterprise Center will push the new AtHoc Enterprise client to all workstations on the Fort McCoy domain starting Oct. 20.

Those who previously had the AtHoc Client, will see two instances of the familiar "purple globe" icon — the second "globe" icon will be removed following final fielding of the upgrade.

Starting on or about Oct. 20, Common Access Card (CAC) users will begin receiving a desktop alert with instructions on how to register.

At a minimum, users will be required to enter their work phone number and email. If not done, the desktop alert will appear routinely until completed. Please note, the new system will not be reactivated until Oct. 23. Until then, the currently fielded AtHoc Alert System will be used for emergency notifications.

On Oct. 23, the Installation Emergency Operations Center (IEOC) will conduct final testing of the upgraded system to ensure it is operating properly. The most-important aspect of the new system is that while it allows the Directorate of Emergency Services and the IEOC to quickly circulate information about an incident, send updates, give recommended actions, the system provides feedback from recipients in the form of acknowledging receipt of the message. This information provides leadership with a real-time status of the emergency-notification process throughout an incident.

Any additional changes or updates to the fielding of the AtHoc System upgrade will be provided to the community as they become known.

AtHoc Notifier for smartphones

The AtHoc Notifier is an added feature of the EM2P AtHoc upgrade. It will allow personnel who are not on the Army Email System to receive alerts through AtHoc that are targeted at the Fort McCoy population.

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The app is available for both Apple and Android products and installs in four easy steps. The app will not be available until the system is fully fielded on Oct. 23.

Downloading the AtHoc Notifer App:
1. Download: Download and install AtHoc Notifer. Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for AtHoc.
Or, instead of searching, just use one of the links below:
• Apple users, go to: When you see AtHoc Notifer, click "Install."
• Android users, go to: When you see AtHoc Notifer, click "Install."

2. Register: Open the app and register your email address.
3. Verify: Verify the email address. Simply go to your email inbox and click the "Verify Now" button.
4. Enter org code: Return to the app to enter your organization code to complete the process. The organization code will be provided upon fielding of the system upgrade.

(Note: If you verified your email address on your mobile device, this step will be done automatically.)

(Submitted by the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security.)