Fort McCoy News September 12, 2014

Army fundraising rules apply when doing 'challenge'

Installation Legal Office

Everyone loves a good fundraiser. The recent popularity of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" is national news and is viral on the Internet.

Even Soldiers and Army units have supported this worthy fundraiser for Lou Gehrig's disease research.

However, Army leadership has poured cold water on such Army support (pun intended). If you want to know why — read on.
Fundraising by Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians is governed by Army Regulation (AR) 600-29, Fund-Raising Within the Department of the Army, and the Joint Ethics Regulation, paragraph 3-210, Fundraising and Membership Drives.

These regulations provide guidance designed to promote the ethical principles that personnel shall not use government property for other than authorized purposes; shall not use public office for private gain; and shall not imply endorsement of or give preferential treatment to any non-federal organization or individual.

Fundraising falls into one of two categories — official and unofficial. The only official fundraising authorized by the Army is in support of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and Army Emergency Relief (AER). All other fundraising events are unofficial.
Military units and staff offices may not conduct official fundraising events except for official fundraisers in support of the CFC and AER.

Unofficial fundraising events may be conducted on an occasional basis when approved by proper authority and coordinated with the Installation Legal Office.

Only properly established private organizations in accordance with AR 210-22, Private Organizations on Department of the Army Installations, and unit informal funds in accordance with AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, paragraph 4-21, may conduct occasional unofficial fundraising activities on the installation.

Informal funds of Family Readiness Groups may benefit from unofficial fundraising in accordance with AR 608-1, Army Community Service, Appendix J-7.

Unofficial fundraising activities may not be conducted in the duty section nor may personnel use official time to support such activities. Volunteers at these fundraisers must be either in a non-duty status or participating during their lunch period outside the duty area.

Participating in unofficial fundraising activities must be conducted in a personal capacity.

Such events cannot be officially endorsed. Endorsement may not even be implied; therefore, Soldiers may not wear uniforms while engaged in unofficial fundraising activities.

Soldiers and civilian employees are free to support fundraising efforts as long as they do so in their private civilian capacity.

Questions concerning fundraising on Fort McCoy may be addressed to the Installation Legal Office at 608-388-2165.