Fort McCoy News September 12, 2014

Fort McCoy ASAP supports Army initiative

Fort McCoy Army Substance Abuse Program

The Army Center for Substance Abuse Program (ACSAP) has an initiative, called "Ready and Resilient — Strong Choices, Choices for Leaders," that provides standardized and measureable prevention awareness training to Soldiers.

"Strong Choices" for short, the initiative was developed for ACSAP by Windwalker Corp. and Prevention Research Institute (PRI) and is comprised of five 50-minute modules.

Each module features video/animations, as well as classroom and handout activities that teach Soldiers about personal awareness of high- and low-risk behaviors.

The purpose of the upcoming Strong Choices prevention program is to provide all U.S. Army Soldiers and Family members targeted training in the area of substance abuse and misuse to positively affect the overall Army climate and attitude toward high-risk alcohol and drug behaviors.

As a proactive prevention approach, the goals of the Strong Choices program include:
• Educating leaders in emerging issues of substance abuse.
• Aligning content with concepts and language used throughout Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) training and treatment.
• Supporting the Army's efforts in the area of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction.
• Ensuring measurement of ASAP training efforts for effectiveness Armywide.

Five modules will be delivered together or in stand-alone sessions with groups ranging from 25 to 250 Soldiers. The fifth module, Leading Well, will be required for all leaders (corporal and above).

Modules include:
Being Well — complexity of the human body
Relating Well — how individuals influence the Soldier before and after 18 years of age
Living Well — emphasizes a balanced life and "living well"
Working Well — deals with working as a team
Leading Well — assists leaders in understanding their Soldiers

The Leading Well module is projected to be taught beginning in the fourth quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2014. In FY 2015, Strong Choices will be introduced Armywide and will require all-component support for distribution of Strong Choices to all Soldiers.

Additional information on Strong Choices training can be found by contacting the Directorate of Human Resources, Army Substance Abuse Program at 608-388-2441/5955, or by going online to