Fort McCoy News July 11, 2014

88th RSC hosts Customer Support Workshop

88th Regional Support Command

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — More than 170 people attended a Customer Support Workshop hosted by the 88th Regional Support Command (RSC) here, June 27-29, aimed at providing information and assistance to customers from its 19-state region.

Photo for 88th artciel
Bryan Taylor, Yellow Ribbon Program director for the 88th Regional Support Command at Fort McCoy, explains the functions of the program to 88th RSC customers during a Directorate of Human Resources 'breakout' session.

The three-day event featured briefings from each 88th RSC directorate covering services and support they offer, while also addressing concerns and issues from their customers.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop was Maj. Gen. Karen LeDoux, commanding general, 88th RSC, who said the goal of the event was to educate and inform those attending what they can expect from the 88th RSC.

"We're happy that you invested your time with us to learn what we do, but more importantly for us to understand and hear what your challenges are," LeDoux said. "We exist to support you and make you more successful so you have the resources you need to focus exclusively on Soldier readiness."

The 88th RSC is responsible for all facilities and base functions within its 19-state area, which makes events like the workshop critical for better understanding of the day-to-day activities within the 88th RSC, said LeDoux.

"Most importantly we want you to know who you interface with when you have a problem, so you can resolve it," LeDoux continued. "This is an opportunity for you to unload the rocks in your rucksack and give them to us so we can give you the support you deserve."

The workshop wasn't designed to be a lecture, instead an interactive discussion, said LeDoux. "If you think we aren't meeting your requirements and goals, we want to know about that," she said.

Attending the workshop were Army Reserve ambassadors within the 88th RSC, which would be a key feature of the event, said LeDoux.

"It's very important you know who your ambassadors are and they know who you are," LeDoux said to those in attendance.

"They're also here to understand what we do and what your challenges are so they can be your advocate when they interact with the community, our elected leaders and Families."

Another major element of the workshop was finding ways to be inventive, said Charles Hudson, chief of staff, 88th RSC, something that isn't always easy for an RSC.

"It's tough being in the Army Reserve and trying to be innovative, everybody seems to say 'no,'" said Hudson. "It's hard to find somebody to say 'yes,' and there are things we talked about in my session where we said, 'Why didn't we think of that before?'"

The 88th RSC is in the base operations industry, said Hudson, which means they don't have all the ideas — making the workshop a vital component. "We depend on interaction with (our customers) to get those," said Hudson. "If there's a blinding flash of light we haven't seen … maybe (they) can point them out to us."

Speaking at the conclusion of the workshop, LeDoux said she was happy with the participation and involvement from everyone who attended. "I hope you know who you need to call when you have a question," said LeDoux. "More importantly for us was to understand your challenges so we can be more responsive and incorporate your requirements into our abilities to support you."

"We can't do our job without you and you can't be successful without us," Ledoux said. "Your success is our success."