Fort McCoy News June 13, 2014

LRC team fills Fort McCoy fuels mission

Public Affairs Staff

Whether it's coordinating maintenance or ensuring Fort McCoy has enough unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or JP-8 jet fuel, the team at the Central Fuel Operations (CFO) office keeps the installation fuels mission flowing smoothly every day.

Photo for fuel article
Jil Bohnert, fuel supply technician, prepares a fuel key
for Pfc. Yevheniy Andreyko of the Veterinary Services

The CFO, located in building 405, is part of the Logistics Readiness Center, a tenant organization. Its staff is responsible for ensuring the availability of the fuel needed to keep tactical vehicles as well as government service vehicles moving. It's a tall order to keep the tanks full.

"Annually, our team manages the flow of more than 1.1 million gallons of three types of fuel at Fort McCoy," said Customer Services Branch Supervisor Michelle Martin. "The fuel itself is owned by the Defense Logistics Agency, and we work with them to manage the ordering and distribution of the fuel used at this installation. We also have a great team that takes great pride in taking care of our customers."

The team has many responsibilities that have to be tracked every day, including the managing of all fuel keys for the installation, ordering fuel and tracking usage as well as maintaining the fuel facility and equipment.

When the post has a large presence of troops during training season, the CFO just gets busier. Martin said they are tested consistently but the job always gets done efficiently. She cited the recent Warrior Exercise (WAREX) where more than 4,500 troops were on post using the fueling points on a regular basis for more than two weeks.

"Any unit here for training must fill out a Fort McCoy Training and Support Form 38," Martin said. "On that form the unit lists what their projected fuel usage is for the duration of their time of training. During WAREX, this is what every unit had to do. We kept ahead and planned out the tens of thousands of gallons of fuel that were used during that large exercise."

Jil Bohnert, fuel supply technician, completes the fuel ordering, tracking and fuel key distribution for CFO. She is also a key player in completing a monthly report that reconciles fuel used at Fort McCoy.

Bohnert said her team exhibits great communication and support, which makes the work they do to support Fort McCoy as a "Total Force Training Center" even better.

"I work with some of the best people fulfilling a very important mission for Fort McCoy," Bohnert said. "We work hard every day to make sure the fuel this post needs to do its mission is available at all times."

The CFO mission also manages care for millions of dollars worth of fuels equipment. Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants Responsible Officer Keith Presley oversees fuels distribution and serves as the quality assurance evaluator for fueling assets that include pumps, tanks and miles of fuel lines.

Photo for fuel article
Gary Flock, fuel operator for the Logistics Readiness Center Central Fuel Operations office, runs through a fuel operations checklist while working at a Fort McCoy fuel pump station.

"We have fueling assets all over the post," Presley said. "I work with our fuel operators to maintain the assets and call in repairs whenever we need them done.

"We also have the fuels storage areas, which we make sure stay functioning and well maintained," Presley said.

"It's a busy but rewarding job because we know we are supporting an important mission in getting our Soldiers trained," he said.

Good maintenance, hard work and attention to detail are some of the factors that have led to the central fueling areas on post to having an excellent safety record, Presley said. Customers also have a big role.

"We appreciate our customers who take safety around fuel storage and pumping areas very seriously," Presley said. "Whether it is loading or offloading fuel, our community and those people who come here for training have been very good about practicing good fuel safety."

Fuel Operator Gary Flock said he's seen, firsthand, how important the fuels mission is to overall troop support.

"When it's busy here with a lot of training going on, we know we have to make sure our fuels areas are all functioning correctly every day," Flock said.

"For me, I know that by doing my job well, we are providing valuable support to our Soldiers. I'm very proud to support this mission here."

The CFO's reach of support goes well beyond Fort McCoy, Bohnert said.

"We also provide fuel keys and management support for units throughout Wisconsin as well as Illinois," she said.
"Our facilities also support fuel keys from other Department of Defense installations."

The CFO succeeds in all phases of its mission, Martin said, because of the great employees.

"Everyone here works well as a team," Martin said. "We all work hard to reach out to our customers and give them the timely support that is needed. Also, when someone on the team needs help, another team member always steps up."

Those same team members also look to make continuous improvements.

Over the past year, pump equipment has been upgraded at the central fueling point, and new fuel-tracking software has been installed.

"The fuels mission never stops at Fort McCoy," Martin said.

"Our team will continue to make sure you'll be able to keep your tanks full anytime you need fuel."

For more information about the CFO and the fuels mission at Fort McCoy, call 608-388-7099.