Fort McCoy News May 09, 2014

Recognition banquet held to honor 2013 volunteers

Fort McCoy volunteers were recognized at the Garrison Commander's Volunteer Recognition Banquet held April 17 at the installation.

The volunteers, along with the Fort McCoy Army Community Service (ACS) Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator Janeen Folgers, and ACS Director Becky Wapp Sawyer, presented Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. DeeAnn K. Dunstan with a symbolic $261,016 check for the hours volunteers donated from January through December 2013.

Photo for volunteer article
Fort McCoy volunteers were recognized for their contributions at an April 17 banquet that featured dinner, a special training session and presentation of certificates. Photo by Army Community Service staff

The amount represented the approximate amount volunteers saved Fort McCoy in 2013. A total of 11,188 hours of service were donated by 77 volunteers. The dollar value of volunteer work was based on an estimated $23.33 an hour wage at the national level.

Attendees enjoyed a sit-down dinner, and opening remarks were provided by Deputy to the Garrison Commander Albert R. Fournier.

The meal was followed by training delivered by Conor Cunneen.

Cunneen spoke about the importance of the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitudes and Behavior), and praised the volunteers for their pay-it-forward attitudes.

Dunstan presented volunteers with the Garrison Commander Certificate of Appreciation to recognize their dedication and commitment to volunteerism in support of Fort McCoy's mission as members of the Army Volunteer Corps from January-December 2013.

Receiving a certificate of appreciation were:

Amy Anderson,

Lisa Marie Balderas, Enrique Becwar, Barbara Boulden, Norb Brown, Sarah Brueggen, Rita Byers,

LeAnn Clark, Ranse Clark, Richard Coffin, Aaron Craig, David Culpepper, Timothy Cumberworth,

Courtney Daniels, Eve Day, Sheri Ann Dickinson, Francis Downs, Abby Duebler, Jeffery Duebler,

Shawn Eckelberg, Randall Eddy,

Jennifer Fey, Janeen Folgers, Kendall Frederick, Tyler Frederick, Eric Funkhouser,

Shirley Harmel, Renee Herman, Dave Hirsch, Mary Hirsch-Justice, Erika Hodges, John Hodges,

Jason Jenkins, Rawan Jenkins, Laurence Johns,

Carol Kaus, Helen Koel,

Ann Mais, Cathy Malzacher, Michael Manecke, Roger Marier, Diane Mazyck,

Ronald Nedland, Consuelo Negrete, Bethany Nott, Charlotte Nott, Elissa Nott, Ethan Nott, Steven Nott,

Lawrence Peterson, Otto Peterson, John Polk,

Laura Rakow, Julie Raub, Maria Reiland, Daniel Retzlaff, Lorie Retzlaff, Megan Retzlaff, Michael Roeske, Alonna Rogalla, Keira Rogalla, Teresa Rogalla,

Becky Wapp Sawyer, Nicole Sawyer, Thomas Sawyer, Kurt Schultz, Maryann Sliva, Kellie Smith, Monica Smith, Judy Sommers, Nuttida (Kam) Srisanguen,

Brian Van Wormer, Daniel Voelker, Chris Watkins, and Bradley Zimmerman.

Fourteen volunteers also received a Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation created the President's Volunteer Service Award Program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

Recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service to others. It encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation and inspires others to make volunteering a central part of their lives.

The volunteers receiving Presidential Volunteer Service Awards were:

Gold (500+ hours in 2013) — Roger Marier, Otto Peterson, Ronald Nedland and Francis Downs.

Silver (250-499 hours in 2013) — Mary Hirsch-Justice and Bradley Zimmerman.

Bronze (100-249 hours in 2013) — Norb Brown, Richard Coffin, Lawrence Peterson, Michael Roeske, Barbara Boulden, Dave Hirsch, Sheri Ann Dickinson and Ann Mais.

Fort McCoy community members looking for an opportunity to positively impact the Garrison's military community can do so by volunteering, which contributes in ways that have a lasting effect on the community's Soldiers, Families and volunteers, Folgers said.

For more information about opportunities available with the Army Volunteer Corps at Fort McCoy, contact Army Community Service at 608-388-6507, visit building 2111, or explore the website to view volunteer opportunities.

(Submitted by Army Community Service.)