Fort McCoy News May 09, 2014

Antiterrorism Synchronizationtheme for 3rd quarter

The U.S. Army's Antiterrorism theme for the third quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2014 is "Antiterrorism Synchronization."

Terrorism is an enduring, persistent and worldwide threat to the Army and the nation. The Army must identify, deter, prevent and defend against the full range of terrorist tactics.

Although larger, more-organized groups still continue to plot terrorist attacks, the trend has shifted more toward attacks from small groups and individuals who are radicalized to take independent action.

Joint Publication 2.0, "Joint Intelligence," defines synchronization as the arrangement of military actions in time, space and purpose to produce maximum relative combat power at a decisive place and time.

Synchronization occurs across the antiterrorism community at all levels of command, at all locations, and across the full range of military operations.

The synchronization of antiterrorism plans, awareness and reporting in all phases of Army operations helps to detect, deter and respond to terrorist attacks.

Focus areas
The Army's antiterrorism community is focused on synchronization and the efficient sharing of information within the broader Army Protection Program.

Specific focus areas include the understanding of information sharing and collaborative planning through the effective integration of tenant unit activities, working groups and antiterrorism coordinators; the understanding of how to leverage the extensive resources of Army community Families to enhance antiterrorism awareness; and the understanding of the process, flow and use of suspicious activity reporting information.

Army publications
The Army has published a number of papers to assist localities in focusing awareness efforts throughout the third quarter of FY 2014. This includes a paper describing the theme's concept of operations.

Other papers provide commanders with information and resources to improve antiterrorism programs by building awareness through family readiness groups, and a summary of the flow of suspicious activity reporting information and the activities and groups involved at various levels.

Copies of these products are available at the Antiterrorism Enterprise Portal at, or by calling the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office at 608-388-4719/4504.

Local efforts
Fort McCoy promotes antiterrorism information-sharing and collaborative planning through the effective integration of unit activities with Protection Working Groups, Threat Working Groups and Protection Executive Committees throughout the operations process.

In addition, Fort McCoy strives to leverage the resources (including human resources) of Army community Families to enhance antiterrorism awareness.

Coordination with, and the effective cooperation of, the Housing Office is one important component of this effort.
Fort McCoy also continues to emphasize the local Suspicious Activity Reporting process through implementation of U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Fort McCoy's iWATCH program (iREPORT/iKeepUsSafe), and with the post's participation in the iSALUTE program.

Reporting and response is a key facet of Antiterrorism level-one awareness training, with community activities, such as Antiterrorism Awareness Month events, and within the Foreign Travel Brief Program through promulgation of valid embassy, consulate or Department of Defense overseas reporting mechanisms.

How to help
Given the persistent threat of terrorism, and the transference of terrorist tactics to independent threat actors, vigilance remains essential and foundational to Army protection.

Every member of the Army community is a sensor and valued part of the overall protection effort.

Be willing to report when appropriate, know how to report and know what to report.

Fort McCoy antiterrorism officials need the support and efforts of each member of the post community.

For questions about USAG Fort McCoy's iWATCH program, the Foreign Travel Brief Program, Antiterrorism level-one awareness training, or this quarter's Antiterrorism awareness theme; contact the Antiterrorism Office for information at 608-388-4719/4504.

For questions about Fort McCoy's participation in the iSALUTE program and the Threat Awareness and Reporting Program, call 608-388-5107.

(Submitted by the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office.)