Fort McCoy News March 14, 2014

New NCOA barracks opens; dining facility planned

Public Affairs Staff

The Staff Sgt. Todd R. Cornell Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) staff signed for ownership of a new $11.9 million barracks building Feb. 27. The building completion is a continuation of improvements to the NCOA complex since 2007.

Photo 1 for NCOA barracks article
An exterior view of the new barracks, building 1365.

"We've been moving in all the necessary supplies and plan on having a new class of students begin using the facility March 26," said NCOA Director of Instruction Sgt. Maj. Paul Sharp.

The new barracks, designated building 1365, is the latest in dormitory-style housing for military members. With 122 dual-capacity rooms, the building can house up to 244 NCOA students.
The barracks also has 126 bathrooms, two fully furnished day rooms and two laundry rooms, each equipped with 16 washers and 16 dryers.

The Fort McCoy NCOA is one of 33 Armywide — four Reserve, 15 active duty and 14 National Guard. It falls under the command of the U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Center at Fort Knox, Ky.

Students from the NCOA's Warrior Leader Course, Battle Staff NCO Course, Small Group Instructor Course and Army Basic Instructor Course all will be staying in the facility while attending classes.

Staff Sgt. William Beaudette, supply NCO in charge for the NCOA, will serve as the facility manager for building 1365 along with other Soldiers in the NCOA Supply Section.

"It's a beautiful facility with the latest amenities," Beaudette said. "The benefits to having this available now include having the ability to house all of our students within the NCOA complex. In the long run, that saves the Army money in lodging and other costs because students won't have to stay in other billeting facilities."

Photo 2 for NCOA Barracks article
A view of the laundry facilities available within the new barracks.

Sgt. Jon You, an NCOA supply sergeant, said the staff will manage the facility by providing linens and other supplies to the students using the barracks.

"Having the barracks is a nice addition to what we offer in our complex, and should be very useful as we set up for new classes of students," he said.

Since 2007, the NCOA complex has grown through several phases of construction of new buildings.

Phase I construction, which totaled more than $12 million, created an administration facility, as well as the WLC Classroom and a barracks.

Phase II construction built a 37,000-square-foot classroom facility at a cost of more than $8 million.

This newest barracks is a part of Phase III construction efforts, said Roy Brewer, Fort McCoy resident engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers. Another part of Phase III is the planned construction of a dining facility within the complex.

Brewer said a contract for the dining facility, estimated at a cost of $5.9 million, should be awarded in March and a projected completion date of September 2015 is set.

"The new dining facility will be located between our headquarters, building 1361, and the functional branch, building 1363," Sharp said.

Once all the construction projects are completed, the NCO Academy at McCoy will be one of the only academies Armywide that is set up as a self-sufficient, campus-style organization, Sharp said.

The NCOA was activated at Fort McCoy in 1988. It was dedicated and named after Staff Sgt. Todd R. Cornell, an Army Reserve Soldier from Menomonee Falls, Wis., who was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004.