Fort McCoy News January 10, 2014

Busy Troop Project season set to begin in March

A busy season of troop-project construction will help improve Fort McCoy training ranges and quality-of-life programs and will help troops training at the installation fine-tune their military occupational specialty (MOS) skills, said Larry Morrow.

Morrow, Fort McCoy Troop Projects coordinator, said the work will begin in earnest during Warrior Exercise (WAREX) 86-14-02 training, which begins in March. In addition to providing the troops with realistic MOS training, the work also saves the installation money, so it's a win-win situation, Morrow said.

Engineering troops will construct a permanent shower facility for Tactical Training Base Liberty.

Morrow said this will replace a temporary setup that included operating out of tent structures.

"The new structure will be more sustainable and allow regular maintenance," Morrow said. "That will be much better for the troops."

A storage shed for the confidence course and relocating electrical service for Range 6 also will be constructed.

The storage shed for the confidence course will allow the installation to better store the pads for the obstacles on site, he said.
Generator housing will be removed on Range 6 to allow a better configuration of the electrical supply to the area.

"The range is being served by the project that connected electricity to all the ranges (around the North Impact Area)," Morrow said. "This will allow us to remove a building that isn't needed, clean up the area, and to better use the range for training functions and strategy sessions."

WAREX also will see the beginning of a project to improve trails in the Bravo 9 training area, he said.

Troops participating in the Essayons exercise will help pave Training Area Rice (Mobile Urban Training Site-South), redo the electrical service for the ski lift at Whitetail Ridge Ski Area and add office space at Pine View Campground.

The paving project at Training Area Rice will target the interior compound and give the area a more-urban look to support urban combat training.

"The hard-pack road also will make the area easier to maintain to support training," Morrow said.

Work to redo the power for the ski lift is needed as the current system is aging, he said.

Whitetail Ridge can be used to support troops that need winter training and also supports quality-of-life recreational opportunities for both the Fort McCoy community and the public.

Morrow said a project at Pine View Campground will add office space that supports the recreational needs at Pine View and gives the troops a chance to train in the MOS skills.

Other work scheduled for the Essayons Exercise includes constructing a road/route to connect Home Station Training Lane 2 to the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility, improving a trail in training area Bravo 25 and building another boneyard facility to support exercise needs for Troop Projects in the organization's complex in the 2800 block, Morrow said.

For more information about Troop Project construction, call the Troop Project coordinator's office at 608-388-3551.