Fort McCoy News November 22, 2013

Fort McCoy LRC ready to support customers

The Fort McCoy Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) is the single entry point for logistics service for organizations training or operating at the installation.

Layne Walker, Fort McCoy LRC director, said the LRC name became official Oct. 1, after the Army Materiel Command (AMC) had spent nearly a year transitioning former Directorate of Logistics organizations to LRCs.

Photo for LRC article
Lorain Hanson of the Central Issue Facility (contractor from Inuit Services) helps 2nd Lt. Quincy Senatus of the 649th Regional Support Group of Iowa with an issue of extreme cold-weather gear. Photo by Rob Schuette

LRCs are designed to provide the best-possible service at the best value by increasing quality and efficiency, and standardizing performance.

According to the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) Current Operations Branch, "the benefits of the LRC transfer include enhancing the quality and visibility of services."

"As the single logistics integrator, AMC has the flexibility to support surge requirements (such as mobilization training support), manage workload across all maintenance and supply activities, create efficiencies by centralizing logistics oversight and disseminate quality standards and best practices throughout the Materiel Enterprise."

Walker said most organizations won't notice any differences in the logistics services they receive at Fort McCoy. The reimbursable support will undergo some changes.

Organizations now go through the LRC and not garrisons to get support for such things as Government Services Administration vehicles, he said.

Other logistics services provided through the LRC include Dining Facilities, Transportation/Transportation Motor Pool, Maintenance (Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity), Central Issue Facility, Ammunition Supply Point, Central Fuel Point, and Central Vehicle Wash Facility, to name a few.

"The advantage is the ability to arrange support from the ASC and potential additional resources," Walker said. "ASC can help us negotiate a contract gap and meet training requirements by providing their expertise and emergency (support) when needed."

Because the Fort McCoy LRC has a stand-alone designation and is not a directorate, it will report directly to the ASC Installation Logistics Directorate at Rock Island, Ill., and not an intermediate organization that adds another layer of management, he said.

The Fort McCoy LRC is one of 11 Army LRCs to have a direct-reporting chain of command to ASC, he said.

A welcome packet, with detailed information about the LRC at Fort McCoy, will be furnished or be available to all organizations that use LRC services at the installation, he said.

The packet will list available LRC functions, building numbers, days and hours of operation and telephone numbers, as well as other supporting directorates and contact information.

For more information about the Fort McCoy LRC, call John Timm at 608-388-6598 or Nate Allen at 608-388-8691.

For budget (reimbursable) information about the LRC call Shanna Schaitel at 608-388-2873.

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