Fort McCoy News November 08, 2013

Anti-armor, anti-tank range being upgraded

Public Affairs Staff

Range Maintenance personnel are at work to bring Range 12, an anti-armor, anti-tank range, up to doctrinal standards defined in Training Circular (TC) 25-8.

Photo for Range 12 article
Range Maintenance personnel conduct work to improve an anti-armor, anti-tank range to support training.

The new complex will be used to train and test Soldiers on skills necessary to use weapons to identify, track, engage, and defeat stationary and moving armor targets presented individually or as part of a tactical array, said Barry Schroader, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) supervisory range manager.

Schroader said the upgrade was pursued because the range didn't meet the standards in TC 25-8, and DPTMS wanted to bring it up to standard as quickly as possible.

The complex is designed to satisfy the training and qualification requirements of light anti-armor weapons systems. This range is used to fire live rockets or sub-caliber training devices. The targetry will help develop and improve Soldier and team proficiency in the use of increasingly sophisticated weaponry.

The project will be completed by June 2014. Schroader said much of the work will be done this year.

Some necessary targetry will not be available in time to complete the work before winter so these targets will be installed next year.

The range was extended to 600 meters to acknowledge the greater distances weapons systems can be fired, he said. Two moving armor and nine stationary armor targets were installed, as well as two machine-gun bunkers that will be engaged.

The following weapons system can be used on Range 12: light anti-tank weapon sub-caliber, anti-tank 4 sub-caliber, Dragon sub-caliber, the Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon, and anti-tank 4 high explosive (HE) weapons.

Range Maintenance personnel constructed two firing lines, one for training practice/sub-caliber weapons firing and the other for HE weapons systems. Two remote target movers also were installed.

Also during fiscal year 2014, the construction of a new control tower, ammunition breakdown building, and classroom is planned in accordance with Army Corps of Engineers design.

Schroader said this will help ensure the buildings on the complex meet the standards of buildings located on other training ranges/facilities at Fort McCoy.

Preconstruction work at the range included clearance of unexploded ordnance by a contractor.

The Range Maintenance crew used heavy equipment to remove trees and reconstructed the hill to allow line of sight to the next targets and the inclusion of two target movers, he said.