Fort McCoy News November 08, 2013

McCoy gun-deer hunting season runs Nov. 23-Dec. 1

The 2013 gun-deer hunt at Fort McCoy will run from Saturday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Dec. 1. David Beckmann, Fort McCoy wildlife biologist, said all permits for the 2013 hunt have been awarded.

Military personnel who had a permanent change-of-station move to Fort McCoy after the June application deadline, however, still can obtain permits. Beckmann encouraged anyone in this category who doesn't have a permit and is interested in participating in the hunt to contact the Permit Sales Office, building 2168, as soon as possible.

Hunters and members of the Fort McCoy workforce are reminded that the gun-deer season is starting later this year. Hunters should have an expedited check-in with the new i-Sportsman kiosk and online system, he said. The Game Line now has a new number of 1-866-277-1597, with hunting information also available online at, including the Game Line information, training updates, changes, and/or temporary regulations. 

Hunters are reminded that they must register on i-Sportsman before they can sign-in to the hunting areas for scouting or hunting.

Many hunting transactions now can be completed online or through cell phones or smartphones, including sign in, he said. Hunters who do not sign-in are subject to penalties including revocation of hunting, fishing, trapping and firewood-collection privileges.

Game Line information must be checked daily to ensure that hunting activity is not restricted or prohibited in an area because of mission requirements, Beckmann said. If there is military training going on in an area, hunters are required to go to another area.
Motorists are reminded to be watchful because the deer are moving, especially at dusk and dawn. 

Many procedures are unchanged. All hunters selected to participate in the hunt still must purchase their permits from an authorized Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Automated License Issuance System agent. Hunters should purchase permits as soon as possible, if they haven't already purchased them, to ensure any problems can be addressed before the start of the season, Beckmann said.

The 2013 regulation and changes/updates are available at the i-Sportsman website ( by clicking on the 2013 regulations link on the right side of the page.

Maps are not available online and can be picked up at selected locations on and off post.

Printed copies of the regulation, including maps, are available on post at Pine View Campground, building 8053; the Hunter Information Point on South Post across from Gate 1; the Visitor Control Center, building 35; the Permit Sales Office, building 2168; and the Exchange, building 1538 (for  military only).

Off post, printed copies of the regulation and maps are available at Don & Vi's in Sparta, Roscoe's in Tomah, and the Tomah and Sparta Wal-Mart stores, Beckmann said.

Hunters are reminded that archery hunting is not allowed during the gun-deer season, Beckmann said.

Hunters must transport their weapons in an approved manner, which includes the firearms being authorized, properly registered and in the custody of a person authorized by Fort McCoy Regulation 190-2 to possess such firearms. Weapons must be unloaded and cased.

The Wisconsin concealed-carry law is not in effect at Fort McCoy, Beckmann said.

For more information about the regulation or maps, call the Permit Sales Office at 688-388-3337 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.