Fort McCoy News October 25, 2013

FY 2013 training totals surpass 125,000 personnel

Fort McCoy trained more than 125,000 personnel in fiscal year (FY) 2013, an increase of about 3,000 personnel from FY 2012 statistics, according to the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS).

Photo for training totals article
Soldiers prepare a stuck vehicle to be moved and recovered from a muddy area at the Vehicle Recovery Site on South Post. The Soldiers were students at the Regional Training Site-Maintenance vehicle recovery course. Photo by Rob Schuette

FY 2013, which spanned from Oct. 1, 2012-Sept. 30, 2013, included the training of 76,561 personnel for extended combat training (ECT) and 48,575 personnel for basic combat training (BCT) for a total of 125,136 personnel trained.

In FY 2012, the total was 122,171 personnel.

Training highlights included a number of military exercises, as well as training sessions by medical units, Marines, Army Reserve and National Guard personnel, said Mark Stelzner, Range scheduler.

The exercises included Diamond Saber (finance), Essayons (engineers), and Red Dragon (homeland security). Several exercises featured joint training at Fort McCoy and Volk Field, Stelzner said. Many of the exercises held at the installation in FY 2013 are scheduled to return in FY 2014.

The Warrior Exercise/Global Medic and Patriot featured patient-care scenarios and air traffic between Fort McCoy and Volk Field.

C-17 and C-130 aircraft flew from the Sparta/Fort McCoy Airport and Young Air Assault Strip to Volk Field.

Ed Carns, Fort McCoy's DPTMS Training Division chief, said improvements at Young Air Assault Strip allowed the semi-improved runway to handle multiple C-17 and C-130 aircraft that supported Fort McCoy's involvement in the training.

Stelzner said FY 13 training included many Army National Guard units, including the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team of Wisconsin.

The eXportable Combat Training Capability tested and validated Soldiers' proficiency in their job positions and skills, he said.

The exercise provided an opportunity for the brigade to train at the platoon and company levels as part of a larger team effort in a full-scale operation, including a variety of warfighting scenarios.

Stelzner said several Marine units, including the 3rd, 23rd Marines, trained at Fort McCoy during FY 2013.

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