Fort McCoy News September 27, 2013

High-risk traffic areas receive new signage

Public Affairs Staff

Changes to two high-risk traffic areas have been implemented at Fort McCoy. A four-way stop at South 9th Avenue and O Street will become permanent. Meanwhile, additional 30 mph signage has been placed outside the South Post Military Family Housing Area.

The four-way stop initially was established earlier this year to help facilitate traffic flow during the infrastructure construction projects, said Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) Police Chief Rob Stapel.

Photo for traffic signage article
A motorist proceeds through the intersection of South 9th Avenue and O Street, which now has permanent stop signs on South 9th Avenue.

Input from the Fort McCoy community and subsequent study by the DES, Installation Safety Office and Directorate of Public Works led to the recommendation to make the stop signs permanent, said Liane Haun, chief of the Master Planning Division.

Two major reasons were cited for the decision. The first was pedestrian traffic in the area. The second was motorists who often traveled through the area on O Street and had difficulties stopping at the existing stop signs or demonstrating proper regard for pedestrian traffic.

Students at Regional Training Site-Maintenance and the Noncommissioned Officer Academy crossed the road three times a day, generally at meal times. Stopping or slowing traffic makes the intersections safer for them to cross. Representatives from the organizations approached the installation to make the changes permanent.

Adding permanent stop signs on South 9th Avenue requires those vehicles to stop and helps prevent any potential collisions with vehicles traveling on O Street.

Maj. Chuepheng Lo, the police operations officer for the Fort McCoy Police Department, said the additional signage in the South Post Military Family Housing Area was installed after several residents expressed concerns about speed limits during a recent South Post Housing Town Hall meeting.

Randy Eddy, Installation Safety Office Safety manager, said the new signage outside the South Post Military Family Housing Area on Ginger Road now makes it clearer that the speed limit on the roads directly outside that area is 30 mph.

Eddy said just past the new 30 mph speed limit outside the Family Housing Area he still cautions motorists about the sharp curve on Ginger Road that has a warning sign with speed limits of 15 mph. All drivers are encouraged to obey this speed limit.

Additionally, motorists should remember the speed limit within the Family Housing Area is still 15 mph.

The speed limits on the perimeter roads just past the curve outside the South Post Military Family Housing Area were changed several years ago as part of an installationwide speed-limit review project, Eddy said. At that time most Fort McCoy improved roads outside the cantonment area were changed to 45 mph, with the speed limit for tactical vehicles remaining at 30 mph. This area also is clearly marked with speed-limit signs, he said.

Any questions about traffic safety at Fort McCoy can be addressed to the Police Department at 608-388-2000.