Fort McCoy News September 27, 2013

Reserve CSH unit completes medical training

Public Affairs Staff

Medical and support personnel from an Army Reserve Combat Support Hospital (CSH) used a variety of training opportunities at Fort McCoy to sharpen skills and to prepare for upcoming training and deployment.

Photo 1 for medical training article
Combat medics with the 228th Combat Support Hospital traverse a water obstacle on the Regional Training Site-Medical Fort McCoy Litter Obstacle Course. Soldiers with the 228th trained on many of the medical training opportunities available through Regional Training Site-Medical at the installation.

Col. Roxanne Arndt, chief nurse for the 228th CSH of San Antonio, said unit members are resuming the Army Force Generation training cycle after returning from deployment.

The unit was at Regional Training Site (RTS)-Medical Fort McCoy from Sept. 6-20 to prepare for a Warrior Exercise (WAREX) in California next year as well as an upcoming deployment to Honduras.

"This training is helping refamiliarize us with setting up a field hospital," Arndt said. "We trained on putting up temper tents, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shelters, (and connecting) power and water," Arndt said. "RTS-Medical personnel also came down to San Antonio to train us in classes about the advanced cardio system and 68W (health care specialist — combat medic)."

Unit members took advantage of many medical training opportunities, she said. Several Soldiers went through the RTS-Medical Litter Obstacle Course to train on combat medical skills necessary to move/evacuate wounded Soldiers via litters.

Unit personnel who are scheduled to deploy to Honduras trained at the Fort McCoy Combined Arms Collective Training Facility, which includes a medical clinic facility to support urban combat training.

Brett Feauto, Radiology/Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care instructor for RTS-Medical Fort McCoy, said the unit came to Fort McCoy because it is easy to accomplish all of this training and missions at the same time.

Photo 2 for medical training article
Members of the 228th Combat Support Hospital train on treating simulated combat injuries in an urban combat environment at the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility.

Spc. Camden Dinger, a laundry/bath specialist for the 228th, said the Fort McCoy training provided a refresher to complete their various tasks.

"Different sections worked on their responsibilities," Dinger said. "Some put up the temper tents and ISO shelters. Another team worked on the water purification, while the electrical team worked on hooking up the electrical connections. The instructors were very knowledgeable on all of the equipment and helped us accomplish our training."

Staff Sgt. Gregory Hood, the course coordinator for emergency medical technician recertification, said the unit trained on setting up a multi-bed hospital.

"We will monitor all the skills to establish a hospital and make it operable," Hood said. "We're training up to attend a WAREX next year. As reservists, it's great to get all the training simultaneously. Everyone at Fort McCoy has provided us with good coordination."

Pfc. Haley Niño, a combat medic, said it was the first time that she had done this type of training.

"Everyone is stressing teamwork, communication and safety so we accomplish our mission," Niño said. "Our instructors also are very knowledgeable and pass along the information they have."