Fort McCoy News August 23, 2013

First-aid, CPR training offered by Fire Department

First-Aid/cardiopulmonary-resuscitation (CPR) training needs for members of the Fort McCoy work force now can be handled by members of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services Fire Department.

Deputy Fire Chief Adam Ballard and Assistant Fire Chief Tim Jorgensen said 10 members of the Fire Department and three members of the Police Department attended a 16-hour train-the-trainer session through Western Technical College.

"The personnel volunteered to take this training and helped us fulfill the installation's strategic planning process objectives (to provide well-being programs that improve the quality of life for Soldiers, Families and employees)," Ballard said. "This also will allow us to provide training, including on AEDs (automatic emergency defibrillators), which are becoming more popular and available."

Three training classes will be available, Jorgensen said. A first-aid and CPR course (3.5 hours) and a Family and Friends CPR course (four hours) will be offered free.

The $6 cost for the first-aid/CPR certification course (four hours) covers the card issued. All courses will provide free workbooks and handouts.

Both first-aid courses will focus on common first-aid emergencies, such as burns, cuts and head, neck and back injuries, as well as the use of AEDs.

The course resulting in certification is for personnel whose jobs require they be certified.

The Family and Friends CPR course teaches about CPR techniques and the use of the defibrillator.

"We have people on both shifts qualified to provide the training," Jorgensen said. "If you have a group that needs training, call us and we can arrange a time to fit your work schedule."

Jorgensen said the trainers also will offer instruction to those who are required to take it, such as members of the Child Development Center staff.

Because these sessions are held on a regularly scheduled basis, individual members of the Fort McCoy work force who want/need this training can be worked into these sessions, as space is available.

"This will help Fort McCoy become more prepared for an emergency," Ballard said. "Having trained people who can provide first-responder-type care before emergency medical personnel arrive can be key (to ensuring a positive outcome.) This is especially true with the police personnel, who often are among the first people on the scene of an emergency."

For more information or to schedule a training opportunity, members of the installation's work force can call the Fire Department at 608-388-2508.