Fort McCoy News August 23, 2013

Chemical unit conducts convoy training at McCoy

366th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

FORT McCOY, Wis. — It's a warm day in Wisconsin, a convoy rolls out of Forward Operating Base Liberty, consisting of a group that isn't often found running convoys. This convoy is made up of the members of the 307th Chemical Company, under the 453rd Chemical Battalion.

Normally, the 307th works with several Biological Integrated Protection Systems.

Photo for 453rd article
Spc. Michelle Williams, a chemical specialist with the 307th Chemical
Company, under the 453rd Chemical Battalion, provides security in a
react-to-fire lane. The training lane included artillery simulators used
to signal improvised explosive devices or indirect fire.

These systems are used to detect chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear hazards. They are going through lanes that will test how they react to combat.

"It's fun to get out in the woods," said Spc. Joseph Reilly, a chemical specialist, with the 307th Chemical Company.

The lanes consisted of several scenarios, including reacting to fire while in a village, improvised explosive devices, and how to interact with the local population.

"It's good to do training that Soldiers don't get to normally do," said Sgt. Daniel Geiss, chemical sergeant and squad leader with the 307th Chemical Company.

To Geiss, the training was very real-world applicable, as he shared stories throughout the training of his experiences during previous deployments.

"It's definitely beneficial training," Geiss said.

He said that the training also gives members of the unit another opportunity.

"It allows leadership to get to know their Soldiers," said Geiss.

Members of the 307th are from all over Southern California, explains Geiss.

Training events such as this are one of the few times they all see each other much outside of drill.