Fort McCoy News July 26, 2013

E2I, OWF initiatives at a glance

The Office of Warrior Care Policy (WCP) is committed to helping to reduce unemployment among recovering servicemembers by assisting in the critical steps associated with returning to active duty, or transitioning to civilian life.

WCP has established the Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) to facilitate a transition to employment as part of the recovering servicemember's rehabilitation life cycle.

These efforts are implemented on a regional basis by E2I and OWF regional coordinators, whose primary role is to engage with key stakeholders, federal agencies, and private sector companies in the community to identify education, employment, and internship opportunities at the regional level.

E2I operates with the goal of assisting servicemembers to engage early in their recovery process to identify skills they have, career opportunities that match those skills, and any additional skills they will need to be successful and participate in desired educational and/or employment opportunities.

The regional coordinators who oversee this process collaborate with the military departments and the local offices of other federal agencies to integrate existing efforts and ensure servicemembers are guided and supported in their education and employment needs throughout their recovery, rehabilitation and return to duty or ultimate reintegration into successful and productive civilian lives.

OWF is a federal internship program for wounded, ill, and injured servicemembers.

Participation in OWF is an ideal way for servicemembers to maximize their recovery time, get valuable work experience, and develop new skills that will be beneficial in their transition to civilian life.

An OWF internship can be part of the larger E2I process.

Both E2I and OWF are seeking referrals of eligible servicemembers to participate.

For more information on the referral process and any general inquiries, send e-mail communication to: or

   (Submitted by the Office of Warrior Care Policy, Department of Defense)