Fort McCoy News July 26, 2013

Deer Hunt to be held Oct. 5-6 for disabled hunters

Disabled hunters interested in participating in the Oct. 5-6 special deer hunt at Fort McCoy are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible. The applications are due at Fort McCoy Permit Sales Office, building 2168, by Sept. 9. All applicants must provide their nine-digit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) customer number.

David Beckmann, Fort McCoy wildlife biologist, said the installation has held special deer hunt for disabled hunters since 2000.

Participation has been increasing over the past five years with about 25 to 30 hunters each year. Some are return hunters, but the installation also gets new inquiries every year, said Beckmann.

To qualify for the disabled hunt, hunters must have a WDNR Class A, B, C or D permit and a valid 2013 Wisconsin Gun Deer license.

To qualify under the WDNR Class B permit, the individual's WDNR Class B permit must be issued for more than one year and authorize hunting/shooting from a stationary vehicle.

No one can participate in more than one special gun deer hunt in Wisconsin in the same calendar year. All disabled hunters are encouraged to find an assistant to help them during the deer hunt. Fort McCoy may be able to provide an assistant if hunters cannot find one.

Assistants can carry and use a firearm in an effort to retrieve deer shot by the participant, but must also possess a valid 2013 Wisconsin Gun Deer hunting license.

Participating hunters and their assistants must comply with all State of Wisconsin and Fort McCoy hunting regulations and laws.
Weapons are limited to those approved for use during the gun-deer season.

Blaze orange is required to be worn by all participating hunters and assistants. Concealed weapons are prohibited on Fort McCoy.

Hunters will be issued a carcass tag with their Fort McCoy permit that allows them to harvest an antlerless deer. Participants also may use their regular Wisconsin Gun Buck Deer carcass tag to harvest an antlered or antlerless deer so they could harvest up to two deer. Other WDNR deer carcass tags are not valid at Fort McCoy.

The disabled hunters and/or assistants must attend a safety and informational meeting with the Natural Resources Branch-Wildlife Program biologist before the hunt.

Applications may be delivered to the Permit Sales Office, mailed or e-mailed.

Mail applications to the Directorate of Public Works, IMMC-PWE-N (Permit Sales), 2171 South 8th Avenue, Fort McCoy WI 54656-5136. E-mail applications to

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified through the mail and be provided with instructions on how to purchase their permit.

To obtain applications, visit the website or send an e-mail to the Permit Sales Office. For more information, call Permit Sales at 608-388-3337.