Fort McCoy News July 26, 2013

McCoy's participates in designated driver program

Public Affairs Staff

McCoy's Community Club wants to ensure all of its patrons arrive home safely after a night at Fort McCoy's club.

The Designated Driver program at McCoy's, building 1571, offers complimentary soda or coffee during bar hours to designated drivers, said Mark Siple, McCoy's manager. Bar hours are Monday through Friday 4 to 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 4 to 10 p.m.

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Patrons at McCoy's Community Club relax after duty hours. McCoy's offers a
Designated Driver program to help ensure the safety of its patrons.

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Those drivers who are not drinking alcoholic beverages and are driving at least one other person can identify themselves to the bartender to sign up for the program, Siple said. The program is open to all authorized McCoy's patrons who identify themselves as designated drivers.

The program is important because people are hesitant about coming all the way to the installation to have drinks at McCoy's, Siple said. By having a designated driver patrons can know they have a safe ride home and drivers have an incentive to not drink and to be responsible for their passengers.

In 2011 there were approximately 35,000 convictions for drunken driving in Wisconsin according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. In the same year, alcohol-related crashes killed 225 people and injured nearly 3,000.

Siple said military units staying on post usually designate a driver for unit outings and should know that the driver can get free soda or coffee. For patrons who do not have a designated driver, the bartenders also have a listing of local taxi companies that can be used for patrons who may need a safe ride home.

"The bartenders will do their best to help a patron get home safely," he said.

The Fort McCoy Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) displays materials at the club throughout the year to remind patrons of the harmful effects of excessive drinking and drunk driving, Siple said. Currently, "That Guy" materials are on display.

The "That Guy" campaign goal is to help reduce excessive drinking among young servicemen. It encourages personnel to reject binge drinking because it detracts from the things they care about: Family, friends, dating, sex, money, and reputation. The campaign is a reminder to everyone: Don't Be That Guy!

For questions about the Designated Driver program at McCoy's, call 608-388-2065.

For information about or help with substance abuse, call the Fort McCoy ASAP at 608-388-2441.