Fort McCoy News June 28, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Defense Military Pay Office

(Editor's note: "SPOTLIGHT" is a continuing series about tenant activities and missions at Fort McCoy.)

What is it?

The Fort McCoy Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) provides military pay support to active-duty and Active Guard Reserve Soldiers. The Fort McCoy office has seven full-time employees who support nearly 2,400 customers throughout the United States, including 250 Soldiers assigned locally to the Fort McCoy garrison, the 181st Infantry Brigade, the Todd R. Cornell
Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Regional Training Site-Maintenance. The Fort McCoy DMPO does not handle reserve pay.

PHOTO for DMPO story
Dwight Boomershine, a Military Pay Technician with the Defense
Military Pay Office, reviews Soldier in-processing packets for
accuracy. The office provides military pay support to active-duty
and Active Guard Reserve Soldiers.
Photo by Theresa Fitzgerald

The Fort McCoy DMPO, aligned under the Field Service Office located in Indianapolis, previously was known as the Defense Accounting Office. It has had a presence at Fort McCoy since December 1992, when it was a full-fledged Finance and Accounting
Office responsible for vendor pay, travel pay, civilian pay and internal review.

What have they done?

The DMPO in-processes Soldiers who are new to the installation to ensure each receives the correct pay and entitlements, such as basic allowance for housing and rations, and travel vouchers are completed. The office also out-processes' Soldiers who receive permanent-change-of-station orders by assisting with advance pay, dislocation allowance and temporary lodging expenses.
During Fort McCoy's mobilization mission, the DMPO processed pay for active-component, reserve-component and National Guard Soldiers mobilizing/demobilizing on the installation.

Eagle Cash Cards, which are a government credit card, were issued to all mobilizing Soldiers. The Eagle card was linked to the Soldiers' bank accounts allowing the Soldiers to apply money to the card. The cards were more secure than using personal bank debit cards while overseas.

The DMPO relocated to building 2187 in October 2011. The move located the office closer to military personnel records maintained at the Directorate of Human Resources and made the building a one-stop-shop for Soldiers either in- or out processing.

What do they have planned?

In October 2012, the DMPO began using the Corporate Electronic Document Management System, a web-based electronic file room in which daily business is scanned, uploaded and then validated the next day. This procedure takes the place of records holding and is being used to prepare the office for Audit Readiness in 2014.

In June the office will implement the Deployable Disbursing System (DDS). DDS will enable the office to function as a disbursing office, issuing payments and deposits to Soldiers or settling finance accounts for separating Soldiers via electronic funds transfer. DDS will allow Soldiers to pay a debt by certified check or money order. The DMPO then inputs the information into DDS to update a Soldier's finance account.

Why are they important?

The office continues to provide timely and accurate pay support to Soldiers located both on- and off the installation. The DMPO
promotes readiness and quality of life through accurate and timely payments to Soldiers.


For more information about the DMPO, call 608-388-2211. The office is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.