Fort McCoy News June 28, 2013

Hero 2 Hired program makes stop at Fort McCoy

Servicemembers and veterans seeking employment were introduced to another resource June 14 when the Hero 2 Hired (H2H) mobile trailer stopped at Fort McCoy.

Phyllis Schwartz, an H2H representative, said the mobile trailer stops all over the country. The Fort McCoy visit was at the invitation of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program of the 88th Regional Support Command.

PHOTO for Hero 2 Hired story
Phyllis Schwartz of the Hero 2 Hired program talks with Sgt. 1st Class Kenny Lane of the 397th Engineer Battalion of Eau Claire, Wis., about the employment program for all eligible servicemembers, including veterans. The national unit made a stop June 14 at Fort McCoy. Photo by Rob Schuette

"We're reaching out to people to use technology to contact employers," Schwartz said.

The program, which can be accessed at the website, offers a number of resources. Schwartz said servicemembers can create resumes and post them so employers can access them.

The site also helps servicemembers transition their military skills into the civilian world, she said. Servicemembers can enter their military occupational specialty or key words into the site and find equivalent civilian jobs.

Another feature of the site is it can offer virtual hiring events where potential employees and employers can meet and learn about each other.

"It saves transportation costs and the employers can see more people than they could at a live-hiring event," Schwartz said.

Frank West, an H2H representative, said the mobile trailer brings the program directly to the Soldiers. The trailer has been driven from San Diego to Washington, D.C., with numerous stops in between.

Inside the trailer, Soldiers can go to the website and register to use the H2H program. If they have any questions, West and Schwartz are available to provide assistance, including helping them log into the program.

Other services available at the site include a career assessment test, a list of federal civilian expeditionary work force positions, an industry primer, mobile apps and social media information.

"The program is especially aimed at helping out younger veterans who have high rates of unemployment," West said. "We try to go to places where there are a lot of servicemembers and veterans."

Soldiers also will appreciate the fact that they can look for employment from a distance, for example, from their current duty station to their home of record, which may be located several hundred or even thousands of miles apart, he said.

After the Fort McCoy stop, the trailer went to the Freedom Fest in La Crosse, he said.

Sgt. 1st Class Kenny Lane of the 397th Engineer Battalion of Eau Claire, Wis., said he came to the trailer at For McCoy to get information for younger troops in his unit seeking employment.

"This is great for the younger Soldiers," Lane said. "There is information about Facebook, scanning an app with a smart phone to look or a job. This is a great tool for the Soldiers."