Fort McCoy News June 28, 2013

Feds Feed Families campaign under way

Fort McCoy is participating in the Feds Feed Families campaign, which is under way and continues through the end of August.

Feds Feed Families is a voluntary effort by federal employees to bring non-perishable food items to their offices for distribution to local food banks.

Fort McCoy collection boxes for donated items are located at the Commissary, building 1537; the Exchange, building 1538; IHG Army Lodging, building 51; the Fort McCoy Chapel complex, building 2675; the Wisconsin Military Academy, building 90; the 88th Regional Support Command, building 60; the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy, building 95; and the NCO Academy, building 1361.

If an organization wants to establish an additional collection point, contact the Fort McCoy Headquarters and Headquarters Company at 608-388-8694.

Only authorized patrons can buy items in the Commissary or Exchange for the campaign. Anyone can contribute items to the campaign. The 12 most-requested types of food/household item donations are: canned fruits, canned vegetables, multigrain cereals, grains, canned proteins, soups, 100 percent juice, condiments, snacks, baking goods, hygiene items, paper products and household items.

The Fort McCoy campaign will support local food banks.

For more information about the Feds Feed Families campaign visit the websites or