Fort McCoy News June 14, 2013

Furlough impact at Fort McCoy

Due to furloughs being implemented throughout the Department of Defense (DOD), all Fort McCoy visitors should contact the office/agency with which they want to do business before visiting the installation.

The leadership of U.S. Army Garrison Fort McCoy has worked with the Fort McCoy community and tenant/mission partners to minimize the disruption furlough days will cause for its employees and the Fort McCoy customers. Despite these efforts, furlough will impact staffing levels and operating hours.

DOD civilian employees will be furloughed for up to 11 days between July 8 and the Sept. 30 end of the fiscal year.
Absent further changes in DOD guidance, furloughs will begin Monday, July 8 at a rate of one furlough day per week for most personnel.

Most garrison directorates and facilities will remain open five days a week with reduced staffing.

Some offices, however, may have to adjust service hours or close one day each week. Tenant/mission partner organizations on the installation will implement furlough days according to directives of their higher headquarters.

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