Fort McCoy News June 14, 2013

About Post: Photos from around the installation

Photo of Pitch, Hit and Run

Pitch, Hit, Run competition

Alyssia Fitzgibbons prepares for the running competition of the Fort McCoy Pitch, Hit and Run Competition with a little help from her father, Master Sgt. Matthew Fitzgibbons. Alyssia Fitzgibbons, Cienna Fitzgibbons, and Brooklyn Haun were the girls division winners for the May 23 competition at Fort McCoy. The boys division winners were Easton Armstrong, Brady Kuhn, Garrett Pedersen, Joseph Smith, Ethan Pedersen and Ben Rivera-Branson. The winning youth competed at a sectional competition at La Crosse June 9. At the sectional, youth combined scores are compared against youth scores from sectionals held throughout the region. The regional winners in each gender/age division move on to state competition.

Contributed photo

Photo of fishing

Gone fishing

Anglers try their luck on Big Sandy Lake hoping to catch rainbow trout. The Inland Fishing Season is under way and will continue through Sept. 30. Anyone fishing in Fort McCoy waters will need the appropriate permits and licenses, which can be purchased at Pine View Campground (available to the public) or at the Exchange (available to military personnel).

Photo by Rob Schuette

Photo of ramp

Ramping up

Employees from TCI Architects, Engineers and Contractor install a new handicapped-accessible entry ramp in front of the Fort McCoy Army Health Clinic, building 2669. The ramp will provide additional customer service to Soldiers and civilians using the medical facility.

Photo by Rob Schuette

Photo of mud run

Mud run

Participants in the Fort McCoy "Battle of the Mud" mud run navigate an obstacle on the three-mile course. The June 1 event included a course with hills and different mud obstacle challenges, as well as other activities. A total of 279 runners competed. The Team winner was Dirt Boys. Winning women were 1) Hollie Barnes, and 2) Jeanne Sloan. Winning men were 1) Preston Guttenberg, and 2) Brody Daly. Next year's event will be held June 7, 2014. For more information about Outdoor Recreation themed-weekend events visit the website

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Photo of Container Facility

Container Loading Facility construction

Employees from the contractor Carntribe-Clement 3, a Joint Venture, LLC, of Ozark, Ala., work on the new Container Loading Facility at Fort McCoy. The construction is scheduled to be finished later this fall. The construction will include a 30,000-square-foot facility and an adjoining storage yard, and office space, storage space, a tool-crib area, lumber racks, locker rooms and parking areas.

Photo by Rob Schuette